Monday, February 2, 2009

running low on material, so as always, depend on pics.

i'm plannin on writting to ya'll later on. this is just a morning 'please let me survive and i promise Popsicles and stickers later' sort of bribe.

Captain Dumbass did a post about people and their 'ink'. in case ya'll don't know i've got three tattoos and counting.

a lot of people think they're ridiculous and have told me so.

a lot of people can be narrow minded and judgemental.

not me.

my tattoos represent a moment in my life that i wanted to document a change, a feeling, a shift of some sort.

anyway. so. Captain D decided to ask everyone to send in pics and explanations of their tats. so i did! and i'm there! just go there. you'll find me. a couple scrolls in.

i only have pics on hand for two of my three tats. my third is a celtic half moon on my right hip.

i have stars up my side, and 'take to the sky' on my back.... take to the sky is a song by tori amos, who is ... she's hard to explain. amazing and astonishing seem so lacking to me. she is a woman who survived being raped with a gun at her head in the back of a van on a night after performing in a local venue. she is a woman who subsequently created RAINN, an organization for sexually abused victims to find light again in their lives.

take to the sky is a song she wrote long before she was signed to a record company- the lyric is, 'Have a seat while i/take to the sky' and basically, it means..... i refuse to conform and change myself so that i can gain fame and fortune. i will not compromise who i am so that i can be what they want me to be. you have a seat, conform, and watch while i take off.

i was eighteen, scared out of my mind, and when i finally sat down to get my ink done? found that it felt GOOD. bc you have to understand- i've had so many injuries when i was younger that i'm permanently suffering from stiff joints and achy muscles. so getting tattooed on my lower back? heaven! my muscles FINALLY loosened after about a year of being so tight i couldn't even get a massage.

so then, duh, naturally i got more. the stars on my side? i laughed my way through. my tattoo artist thinks i'm INSANE. he told me about how he had a big ol' biker guy in the week before me who got tattooed on his ribs, and he CRIED. me? i giggled.

i'm super ticklish. also? high pain tolerance. comes in handy.

so. if you were curious what two of my three tattoos looked like? mosey on down to Captain D. there are quite a few more as well :)


Mama Dawg said...

I saw yours over at his place and they were awesome. I love the stars!

wendie said...

I love Tori! I've listened to her for sooooo long and I have always loved the little quirks in her music.

I have tattoos, too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have three (technically four because one is a cover-up) and I love them! I know many don't approve (including my mom *lol*) but I got them for me! That's all that matters. I'll keep in touch even though my blog will be closing


Smart Mouth Broad said...

No ink here but no judgin' either. I'll have to go check out the pics.

T5M said...

Reverb is doing a thing on tattoos too! huh!

I have two myself. I go back and forth between regretting them and not, but mostly I regret them. Not because I don't like tattoos, but because there is no good answer to give a 5 year old when she asks you why you have a shamrock on your butt.

Midlife Slices said...

You know I want a tat, so that's no secret. You enticed me to read to the bottom looking for pics and they aren't there, so I had to go back and start over and pay a little closer attention and found I need to go to the Captains site to see the pics and when I click on the link, it takes me to the land of nada....nowhere. Is this a trick? It's not nice to trick an old lady!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with other people getting tatoos. I just can't get one for myself because I'm too fickle. I would choose something I absolutely adored and about 2 months later I would HATE it and be selling body organs to come up with the money to have it removed!!