Monday, February 9, 2009

goin' with the flow, a.k.a., random things about me

since it's monday and the first monday in a LOOOOONG TIME that i'm feeling relaxed and chill and NORMAL, i thought. hey, why not go with the flow and just be loose and open and write whatever i feel like.

it's a tad different than normal. it may not SEEM that way but there is no rhyme or reason to this post, at all, except to talk about myself bc i'm kinda out of interesting things to talk about.

i know. i'm so narcissistic. why are you reading this again?

moving along.

i'm just going to flow and think and relax right now, on this gloomy rainy day which i happen to LOVE bc i love rain.

oh yes? i do. this weekend chicago got record highs at around 50 degrees and as i lay in bed i could hear the ice melting- the melodious current of ice slowly turning liquid and running off our metal roof in a slick stream. plopping on the ground, in the cement gutter-catcher-thingies, or how the salt evaporated all the snow and crunched under my boots. i really dislike winter but call me a sucker,

or call me a former socal-er, but i love rain.

my hair is long not bc i am particularly partial to long hair, but bc i'm lazy and cheap frugal. plus my hair is stick straight and never does anything but LAY THERE. pisses me off!! so i just let it go long and that's my 'look'. people stop me to ask me 'who does my color'.

uh, mother nature?

i love lime tootsie rolls but hate regular tootsie rolls. they look like little ... er, dog poo things to me. yuck.

i have insomnia but once it's past 3am i can sleep until about 11am. but before 3am, i constantly wake up. no idea why.

my sheets must be 5oo thread count or higher. i'm a bed snob.

i used to despise steak when i was growing up. I. KNOW.

i really hate to do laundry. i would rather do the dishes and dust than do laundry. i'll even take out the garbage and clean the toilet. and the litter box. surprisingly, the litter box doesn't really faze me.

i have an unhealthy obsession with all things hello kitty. when i first met my husband i had a tiny apartment and the entire bathroom was hello kitty. bath mat, shower curtain, towels, toothbrush holder.... i'm now only allowed keychains. (i really want the hello kitty waffle maker. and beach towel. just sayin.')

i'm tragically obsessed with handbags. i just bought a betsey johnson beach bag yesterday. pure love.

whenever i cook dinner, i never eat it. for some reason i can't seem to eat after 5pm. even if i'm hungry on the way home, as soon as i see food i'm like, eh. nah thanks. it really drives me nuts bc i need to eat a meal when i take my meds twice a day. so i have to eat breakfast AND dinner and it's totally throwing me off.

hunchback of notre dame is probably one of my top 5 disney movies of all time. that movie is disturbing, yo.

i love peonies. adore them. unfortunately, they're expensive here in the midwest so i never get them.

i hate birds of paradise. they're all over southern california like a freakin' plague and i hate the things. they also hurt when you crash into the bush rollerblading. not that i know from experience or anything.

i painted my toenails black last night. i never paint my fingernails. only clear.

i'm almost 5'7 and yet i wear a size 6 1/2 in shoes. it's weird.

my mom almost named me francesca. or alexandria. can you imagine calling me francesca???

i'm obsessive about drinking enough water. i drink about what would be ten glasses a day. i just refill my water bottle, which is almost 16oz. and drink that all day at work- it's around noon here, and i've had three already, so that's about six glasses of water give or take.... and the day isn't even half over.

i am terrified of being dehydrated. when i get sick i forget to drink or eat, and more than once i have been in the shower and passed out cold, only to awaken sprawled on the bathroom floor, naked as all hell, with the shower curtain beneath me. oops. i make sure to drink tons of water bc i'm a fainter. can't help it.

i once had super high cholesterol. like 221. now it's normal.

i love pickles. i could eat clausen pickles every single day for the rest of my life and not get sick of them. same goes for pizza. but seriously. pickles trump pizza and always will.

i have four pairs of heels under my desk. i wear socks and ugg boots to work every day... and then i change into my heels. i HATE having cold feet. i wear ugg boots year-round. yes. i am that girl.

most people that don't know me think i'm lying when i say 1)i don't color my hair (ATALL) and 2) i don't wear colored contacts. it gets annoying, actually, bc it's not as if i asked for blonde hair... it's what i was given so i make the most of it.

i used to carry around a pantene pro-v magazine ad in my pocket when i was about 5 or 6 years old. it featured a woman with her back facing the camera, and her long, waist-length dark wavy red hair was fanned out behind her. i used to cry over that picture and wail at the top of my lungs 'WWWHHHHYYYY MOMMMM??? whhhhyyyyy????' bc i hated having blonde hair.

i also begged for brown contacts at 13. never got them.

i hate olives. i hate blue cheese. i do surprisingly like bloody maries even tho i think tomato juice is just plain rank.

jewelry really doesn't do it for me, unless it's super unique.... i wear my wedding rings and that's about it. my watch is in the shop right now, the battery died. usually i only wear 'classic' pieces every day. i have my everyday watch which is a more upscale silver watch and then i have my chunky mens two-inch leather watch that's more for like jeans and tees.

i own too many shoes. TOO MANY. ones i haven't worn since high school. but who gives away charles david?? or marc jacobs?? i mean really.

ice breakers wintergreen mints are like my crack. so are watermelon jolly ranchers and blow pops.

Pompeii is an exhibit that will forever stick out in my head. that and the king tut tour when i was in chicago in 93 or 94.

i have always had a weird fascination with the Egyptians. now i'm kinda getting into the Mayans.

is this enough random crap about me? should i stop? keep going? i'm just rambling. work is boring today bc mainly, i FINISHED all my work. what a concept, right??? and i discovered, the later i go to bed the more likely i am to sleep thru the night so i actually feel pretty rested.

OH AND I WATCHED the secret life of bees last night. WONDERFUL adaptation of the novel. honestly one of the best translations from written word to film i've seen in a long time. see it!!!!

but read the book first.

when i was 5 i saw pretty woman and promptly informed my mother of my desire to become a career prostitute.

the little women is the first movie i cried at.

i actually fell in LOVE with the book 'the good earth' when i had to read it when i was 13 for school. it really is quite an amazing book as is the movie. but i loved lord of the flies, too, so....

i also watched 'my best friends girl' and it was hilarious!!!! but i'm biased, i LOVE DANE COOK and also kate hudson. and surprisingly, this movie had really good chemistry. i loved it. i think i may just have to watch it again tonight :)

oh and also? ya'll that haven't read 'confessions of a shopaholic'? what rock have you been under? i'm catching up on shopaholic and baby or whatev it's called bc i don't think i read that one- but i read them all YEARS ago when i was all 'dude where's the movie????' and now it's coming out.

i'm super excited to see it. but you must read the books. HI-LARIOUS.

er, i'm cutting the weirdness now. catch ya'll on the flip side. i promise tomorrow? i may or may not have pictures of my house.

(my bookshelves have BOOKS on them!!!! what a concept!)


Anonymous said...

I think I just fell in love with you, but in a totally straight girl way!!! I puffy heart me some pickles too!!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I think I love your randomness most of all!

midlife slices said...

We must be a society of pickle eaters. Maybe now you'll get the pickle smell in the vajayjay questions instead of me. :)

Mama Dawg said...

I love rain, too!

I also obsess about drinking enough water. For the most part, that's all I drink.

I love olives but I also hate blue cheese. Nasty, nasty stuff.

I've been fascinated by the Egyptians since I was about 8 years old or so. something so mystical about them.

I ALSO loved Lord of the Flies. One of my fav books!

No clue we have that much in common! cool!

Lump said...

ohmygoodness you have tiny feet! I'm almost 5'8" and wear a size 8.

and girl, frugal is such an ugly word. ;)