Friday, February 6, 2009

ramble ramble.

i know fridays are notoriously slow bloggin' days so i'm really not TOO concerned about how great my writing is right now. heh. like i ever am?

so on monday is my last doctor's appointment, and it's smooth sailin' for six months after that.. and only to have them suck draw more blood and hopefully or i'll rip out the needle myself i'm still normal.

normal as in, my weird ulcer bacteria thing is gone (btw? she doesn't know how this is 'caught. isn't that a tad... disturbing?? i guess it's quite common but there's no real preventive measure to it.) and my thyroid is back up to straight a's and

wanna know somethin' cool? i'm totally not in pain anymore. my lower tummy hurts sometimes but that's about it, and it's once in a while.

the ulcer is what was causing that excrutiatingly brutal pain. it's gone now. even tho i can't have a glass of wine? i'd donate a case to just not feel that pain again.

it was brutal.

in other news tonight is the 'lets get the crap out' night. as in, my dining room looks like the inside of martha stewart exploded all over it. there's prints everywhere on pillows i'm tossing and garbage in plastic grocery bags bc i am REFUSING to go buy yet another $40 pull-out-under-the-sink garbage can bc i KNOW i have one in the garage at my old house. i just need to go GET it. so. i've been using little garbage bags.

there are also papers and chargers and books and paintings and frames and coats and purses and god knows what else. painting supplies, i think, are in the corner, but good god knows when i last saw them.

tonight is the night we roll up our sleeves and "GASP" organize. i know. i know. but these antibiotics i'm on, i don't know if they're the ones causin' it, but i have a lot of energy and not being in mind-bending pain 24/7 really makes a person peppy.

well. i have horrid insomnia and i may or may not have taken just a leeetle bit too much melatonin last night cuz i was a little... shall we say... uh, loopy. extremely tired but once i hit bed i could. not. sleep.

there is something about 'going to bed' that causes my brain to go NO FREAKIN WAY! it sucks.

maybe i'll sleep on the couch tonight.

i actually tried to trick my brain for two nights in a row now by bringing one of the four matching suuuuuper duper soft microsuede pillows to bed with me. didn't work the first night but i think i have the whole laying down configuration bc last night, i stayed asleep a bit better.

then again. the melatonin.... and just a heads-up? if you have insomnia like i have had for most of my adult life? avoid sleeping meds. take natural hormones and supplements. they work the same and don't give you that nyquil hangover. i take melatonin and tryptophan normally but i lost my buddy trypto in the move and have yet to find him. but i will.

where is this post going????

so anyway..... i also work tomorrow. from here on out i work 6 days a week until april 15th. i know. right now i don't mind bc i'm not busy. overtime baby! but come the end of march? oh lordy..... i'm sure i'll be posting


over and over again. or maybe


we'll see. other than that things are pretty normal. hopefully i can sleep tonight, but... i doubt it. at least i get to wake up an hour later tomorrow. i know. i'm weird. i can't FALL asleep or STAY asleep but once i hit about 4.30am or so, i am golden until about 9.30.

k, i'm drawin' a blank. i'm gonna sign off bc really, this post was totally pointless. i considered just erasing it and posting when i got home but really..... it'd probably be more boring than this one.

if you made it this far, gold star my friend!!!!!!!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Glad you're feeling better, Lo. I'm sending you a glass of virtual wine! Does that help?

Ash said...

Gold Star!!

When I move into our new house, you can come visit and we'll organize mine too because I am going to need all the help in the world and I need fun people like you, haha!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Your post are never boring my friend. NEVA!!

T5M said...

Gold star! Yahoo!! ..I'm putting mine right on my forehead so all the other parents at today's 4th grade basketball game will be jealous of me. Yeah they will.

JeanMac said...

Gold star for me! Enjoyed:)

Marchelle said...

I got a Gold Star! I got a Gold Star!!

Good Lord woman you are a hot mess this weekend! I can't talk though, my house always looks like a bomb went off in Toys-R-Us, so who am I to judge?

Now go get some sleep! (Well, not right now, its 9:18 a.m. for cryin out loud! But tonight...SLEEP.)

Anonymous said...

I still have an unpainted bathroom, hallway and dining room wall....what do I win??? Glad you are feeling better miss thang!!

Lump said...

I totally would love to drink wine with you.

and so HAPPY that you aren't having anymore pain!!