Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my current obsession (at least for right now)

so i am a major, MAJOR tea drinker. I. LOVE. TEA. i drink it all day long, starting the day off with a good ol' glass of green tea.

yes i said glass.

you see, i got into this habit when i was a server (waitress). all of us would need tons of caffeine just to keep moving on really packed shifts, so we would sneak espresso shots mixed with coffee. but bc the mugs are too small and are always kept in a weirder place than regular glasses, i started to mix my coffee in a tall 'water' glass. and then i would drink it thru a straw and i would hide it underneath the beverage station....

sometimes i had a drink goin' at every single bev station, including the bar. it became a joke. but hey. kept me moving.

so i've since stopped drinking coffee on a regular basis. i've found i just don't have the palate for it anymore. so ... in comes the tea. every morning i drink a glass of green tea. a full glass. then sometimes i even drink a glass of hot water, re-using that tea bag again, just to get some liquid into me. and caffeine.

i am a green tea junkie.

and lately, i have been addicted to this. TAZO. flavored-hot-water-maker of the Gods. seriously, yo, this stuff? toootttalllly makes my skirt fly up and then some.

it is so good. and ...

they sell it at Target now.


there are two flavors that make my heart go pitter patter.

Zen, which is the green tea that has lemongrass and spearmint in it... and lemme tellya guys, gals, animals, tadpoles, this stuff is AH-MAYZING when your stomach is upside down and you're so queasy you stick close to the bathroom justincase. my meds that i'm taking for my ulcer make me soooooooo nauseated in the mornings... sometimes (okay almost all the time) i end up throwing up two hours after i take them. but the meds stay down, so that's the important part. the unfortunate part? yeah. stomach acid? not really tasty for breakfast.

sorry if that was t.m.i. i'm honest like that.

anyway so the spearmint totally settles my stomach, plus i get a boost of caffeine and the 'come down' is barely noticeable bc this is all natural. it. is. fab.

and now i move on to what is my crack:

o, sweet, sweet passion, how i love thee.... the vibrant purpleyness of you, you saucy little minx, with your perfect cut-out dispenser that makes me feel so spa and zen and posh....

the flavor is like an explosion in your mouth. the good kind of explosion. it is tart and tangy and sweet and yummmmmmmmmy.

i'm drinking a glass of it right now. so. good.

who knew that for $3.49, i could get a whole BOX of yummy goodness????

$3.49 ain't bad for a mouth full of happiness. go out and drink some. o and also? in the summer? passion tea is AMAZING iced. sigh.

it's even better than unsweetened iced tea with extra lemon.

blasphemy!!!!! (but so true.)


Mama Dawg said...

I love Tazo, too, but I usually stick to my spiced chai by Lipton at night before bed!

kels said...

i LOVE the passion flavorrrr!!!!
and i didn't know they sell it at target!! i've been paying $3.49 for a freaking cup at starbuck's when i could be getting a whole BOX!!! ahhhh!! you just made my life.

wendie said...

I have the passion flavor and I enjoy it. You should try the berry blosson white, also delicious!

I'm not big on green tea, but I do love tea regardless. One of my favorite brands right now is Yogi. Try it!

Linda said...

Oooooo! I love tea! I'm going to have to try this brand.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

From one tea lover to another.......Cheers!

Ash said...

I love the Passion flavor. I buy Tazo because Derek the Diabetic can drink it too! It's Yum!