Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this post is goin' nowhere.... but i'll post it anyway

i've been trying to write about something halfway interesting but it seems like sometimes life really isn't as interesting as you'd thought. or. would hope for. mostly i've been working and parked on the couch. this last weekend we went to the auto show downtown and normally, being a car (slut) lover, i enjoy it SO much. this year? eh.

could've been that i had to work saturday morning. could've been i was dead dog tired. could've been that my husband told me it was just going to be us and two car loving freaks friends of ours, but nah. he decides to tell me, when i get home from work, exhausted and forced to take a nap before attempting to get dressed to go out again, that he invited his entire family.

don't get me wrong. they're my fam, now, too. but they're russian. and when you get a bunch of russians together, especially in a huge public arena, .......... let's just say........ is it loud.

i was tired. not up for russian day at chicago auto show. i wanted to poke and peruse at my leisure, drool and sigh over whatever i felt like making lovey-eyes with.... not spend the entire day being dragged from one end to the other, poked at, tickled, jostled around, end up pushing two strollers and carrying bags and using my entire bout of willpower to not shout at my mother in law that NO I AM NOT PREGNANT and YES I AM OKAY and NO, PLEASE please PLEASE don't call me forty eleven times today bc you just 'lost me' and 'can't find me' and oooo looky there, foolishly i had decided that i could go to the bathroom on my own. obviously i can't.

i love them, but sometimes it gets to be way too much. so i was a little peeved bc vlad had invited his parents, his uncle, his sister and her new husband (just got in from russia two weeks ago, doesn't speak a lick of english) and her five-year-old son (who admittedly is adorable. but a handful at a convention center PACKED with kids). and possibly, oh, our russian couple friends... one is our friends stepbrother, who came from russia two years ago and his girlfriend who doesnt speak much english.... and then the OTHER couple, both russian, who both speak english perfectly but...

when you get more than three russians together? there ain't gonna be no english. just sayin'.

then it turns out we were royally stood up and it ended up being vlad and i. and thankfully, it was fun. not.. you know, terribly interesting bc all of the cars i've already seen- they didn't have a lot of the new concept cars goin' on and the foreign section was terribly lacking- (don't call me a car snob. i just really, really love cars.) the retro americana cars were awesome. sometimes the car show can be lacking...... but then again...... if it were up to me, it'd be all phantoms and suicide doors and lambo's and an sl65 that i could actually sit in and touch... not just drool over from afar.

this is the place where i'd post my pictures but since i've recently discovered that my laptop doesn't have that nifty card memory slot to upload photos directly....... it's kinda hard to telepathically insert pics without a usb cable.

so then we went to the mall, bc i was like 'if i'm outta the house, i'm OUT, let's go do something' and he bought cologne and i got nuthin'. but no worries. i totally made him swing me thru best buy and i bought two new computer games,

and yes, i am totally a nerd and geeky like that, (i even have a notebook that i use to figure out clues and puzzles. heh. vlad calls it my nerd book.)

so i happily played myself through the weekend. then i got horrid heartburn yesterday and spent all night trying to sleep upright, which, in case you've never tried? SO. HARD. seriously.

but all is well today.

and this post is super rambly but that's what happens on four to five hours of sleep and some weird, WEIRD dream where i was like.... i dunno. more on that another time. i think i read too much sci fi.


Linda said...

so while you were at Best Buy did you get a USB-thingy for downloading pics from your camera?

I love the car show. It's the only place to shop for cars. No sales snakes and you can see ALL the cars under ONE roof! No driveing around town allday in the freezing cold & snow.

Linda said...

oh and Hey! I left you something at my place:)

Sweetbabs said...

Great post. Yes it went now where but nonetheless a fun and interesting read. Russian family sounds intense!

I slept upright for many nights cause my poor baby has acid reflux. It hurt her to lay flat on her back. There was a time when I lived sleeping on my couch. I would nursing her all night long cause my milk made her tummy feel better. I agree it is not a great way to sleep at all.

midlife slicesw said...

Oh girl, you DO make me laugh. Next time you just turn your phone off and tell you MIL the battery is down.

ARE you pregnant?? LOL

Twenty Four At Heart said...

You can buy a memory card reader for 10-15 bucks at Staples. Do you have Staples there? They plug into your usb hole (hee hee) and your memory card fits into them. They're small, convenient, cheap and upload your pics super fast.

Did I make you blush today?

Erin @ T5M said...

...to answer your question: going to Ethiopia for 10-days in April with Children's Hopechest to help out and spend time with orphans.

Would love to eventually adopt from Ethiopia, but not ready yet. :-)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I know how you feel. When you get it in your head that it's going to go a certain way, it's hard to switch gears. Especially when the switch includes your inlaws.

Mama Dawg said...

Glad you ended up having a good time anyway.