Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pink, men, shopping slurges and where was i going with this again?

so since i'm going to be tropical soon, i kinda sorta (majorly) went on a little splurge. where i bought.... stuff.

ON SALE. but. still. stuff.

like this little number from Guess. but i mean, hello? isn't that so cute? perfect for muggy steamy weather.
and i don't even need a bra! that's the best part. super simple clothing. my kinda thing. so it came in the mail yesterday of course bc i wasn't at work to receive it (i'd rather send packages to work.... bc i'm the main mail person here. i know. i'm kinda a big deal.) so today when i walked in i tore that box open and was all OMG it's totttttallly cute and then i held it up to myself and uh...
it may be a TAD smidgen shorter than i'm used to. but that's okay. i'll wear it with flats. problem solved.
anyway. so i also bought a suitcase for myself. it's one of those super duper cool HARD SHELL rolling suitcases, so that i can beat the hell outta it when i travel and not worry about the insides getting all mushed and yucky.
it's happened.
and i also thought WELL it has to be VISIBLE bc even tho i wear mostly black all the time? (yeah. i'm wearing all black today. black sweater, black pants, black heels, black unmentionables. it makes dressing at the crack of dawn easier. also? you spill something? yeah. a lil water and no one's the wiser.) having a black suitcase is the kiss of death at any airport.
so what did i buy?
a pink one. and not just pink, it has huge fat white polka dots. vlad burst out laughing when he saw it and has since called me 'special' with my little 'special suitcase.'
hmpf. at least i'll be able to find the damn thing next time we go on vacation. also? there is no chance of someone stealing it. bc really. i think i'll know if you try to grab my stuff.
vlad has also informed me that i made the biggest mistake ever, bc now he is definitelyNEVER going to help me carry my luggage again.
guess SOMEONE'S not that comfortable in their masculinity, now are they? the man will wear pink and purple shirts and white dress shoes, but will not wheel a pink suitcase.
the man never ceases to confuse me.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! LMAO!!! "special w/ your special little suitcase!!" I just shot water out of my nose!!!

Erin @ T5M said...

That dress would look like a tent on me. Seriously, my three kids would try to camp out under it. It would not be good.

...oh, the infamous Dirt responded to your comment on my blog...

Glad you're feeling better!!


A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Where is the pic of the suitcase?? Do they make them in purple w/white polka dots?

Wait, what am I saying? I don't travel anywhere. But, it would be cool if they have one in purple.

Mom said...

Can't wait to see it, post a picture!

89 days till we leave!!

Lump said...

so I assume he won't carry your purse either? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I totally agree on the "eye-catching" special suitcase! He'll be happy when you find your luggage quickly!

Linda said...

Um, I'm confused. First let me state for the record that I have (in another lifetime) worn dresses/skirts that were a TAD too short. ie; I see London... Here's where I get confused; how will wearing flats make the dress cover more of France? he-he!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Awwwm, you'll look so cute!! I'm the main mail person too - and I hate it.

Mama Dawg said...

I think when he's sleeping on night, you out to put the suitcase near him and take a pic.

It is totally smart thinking on your part. No matter how much he teases!