Monday, January 12, 2009

a meme!!!!

soooooo i'm back at the whole work force thing, seein' as it's monday and all, and ... i heart seattle's best coffee.

random. yes. amazing? oohhhh you betcha buddy!!!! i ran into borders books at lunch cuz i forgot my book at home and i wanted the third book in this series (by Melissa De La Cruz, the Blue Bloods series... ahem, yes, young adult TECHNICALLY but oh-so-good. SUCH a good read. and fast.) so that totally justifies spending $17 right? right???? oh pssshaw they only had hardcover!! i know. i know. bad Lo. still. and duh. HAD to get coffee and all. cuz ya know. today is so totally worthy of the Craptastic Monday award.

speaking of, i totally got tagged for a meme!!! and, being the true wierdo i am, i CAN NOT pass up a chance to talk about mahself. cuz i'm so selfless and all. heh.
anyway. so. T5M of the 5 Moores tagged me. sooooooo off i go!! cuz she's awesome and all. ;)

THE RULES. yeah. i know. shocker that i'm actually gonna follow em, right? I KNOW!
1. go to your documents/pictures
2. go to your 6th file.
3. go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 people to do the same.
6. smile (T5M totally added this last rule. cuz duh. it centers around six, so of COURSE there has to be a sixth rule!)

I COME IN PEACE. heh. anyhoo. yeah. so this is me, at my old townhouse. just LOOK at how dirty that mirror is!! to my credit, it is now clean and sparkly, i was just in the middle of moving. don't judge. ah who am i kiddin'!! if i saw a pic of that of someone else i'd say SHAME shame and send a bottle of windex with hershey kisses.

is that weird? probably. but so am i. i just roll with tha punches, ya'll.

anyway. so i suppose i'm supposed to tag some peeps???? oh lordy that's awful tough. and i know half ya'll won't do it, cuz i know, you know, keepin' up with the jones's and all is super duper hard. like awards and meme's. just so happens i tooooooaaadally didn't have fuel for a post today. and BLAM now i do. how do ya like them apples?? huh? huh? oh. you prefer watermelon? well, more power to ya mah friend.

ahem. i tag:

Country Girl, just cuz she has sooo many pics, ya know?
Marchelle cuz she's awesome and i lurve her.
Linda who's my homey. she's a knittin' fool i tell ya! although she's really smart. do i make ANY sense?

i heart these three girlies. they make my heart go pittah pattah like a Jewish woman in the Bronx when she sees Moschino on sale.

or. uh. sum tin like that.


Marchelle said...

BAHAHAAA!!! a jewish woman in the bronx when she sees moschino on sale!!!!!! HHHAAAHAAAA!!!
i truthfully have no idea what moschino is. but funny!! nonetheless!!

oh this will be fun!! but i just deleted a bunch of pics off my 'puter after i backed them up on a CD... i'm sure i can dig up something..

super tweaky mel said...

this is too cute ! you are sooo funny!


Linda said...

Oh this should be interesting/fun! Kinda like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what yer gonna get!

T5M said...

Hello Earthing. Wow - what were you doing?

I love randomness - thanks for playing!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Will you please clean your bathroom mirror?!
Kidding, of course.
How are you Lo?

Mama Dawg said...

I loved that meme when I did it, too. It was fun.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I got tagged for this meme too. I guess I better get on it or T5M is gonna think I'm a slacker. If I overlook your dirty mirror, will you overlook, Lord help me, what comes up on my 6th file?