Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tag yer it and really, really random pics

so i totally wrote out this long post about yadda yadda blah blah and then decided to put some pics up and then i got this grand idea of doin' a TAG YA'LL ARE IT with your favorite disney picture.

ahem. this is the part where you, you know, go find your favorite disney picture and blog about it.

one of my top favs, cuz i'm a traditionalist and all in my home decor, is the magic castle:

and this is the part where it gets good. cuz i've got the dirt. ON MY MOM. she's the one who raised me to be such a disney freak. i owe her my life for that. well. she GAVE ME LIFE so i guess i'd owe it anyway.

where was i?

oh yeah. the part where i HACKED INTO MY MOMS WALGREENS PHOTO SECTION. yeah that's right. well. to be fair she gave me the password eons ago, but i forgot it. but since she uses the same flippin password for EVERYTHING (not that i do that too. no. no sirree bobby sue.) i was able to figure it out.

and oh yes. this is money. my mom is goin to KILL ME when she sees this. heheheheehhe. but my mom? used to be a marine. that's how she and my dad met. he was her recruiter!! and she went to disneyworld for the first time when she was in the marines. or maybe. was it disneyland?

mom? lil help over here?

oh there she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's on the right. that's my mom. when she was like 18 or somethin. she's pretty :) oh and that's... i THINK that's Lori with her. i think i was named after Lori. i'm not sure. details are fuzzy. stay tuned.

and well HELLO HERE'S MAH POSSY. we're tight yo.
this be my aunt. she's pregnant. she's the reason i'm going to be in Florida when i go to Disneyworld. cuz of the bun in her oven, aka, Olivia. that's Jose. the dad. they live in a big ol' house down by miami.
not that i'm jealous or anything.

isn't she pretty???????? she's more like my sister than my aunt, since my mom is the oldest of 5. yeah. five. the youngest is almost 30 i believe. angie is second to youngest. and ang? i won't tell them your age. cuz i'm a kind soul and all.

a funny moment from my wedding. heh. that's my dad you see, and that's my sister-in-law, Stacy. i heart stacy. when we have family functions we're usually the two in the back corner sneaking drinks and giggling.
notice my bird cage veil? one thing i regret is not wearin' that thing for longer than the ceremony. i loved it.

this is my wedding shower. yeah we're goin random now folks!!!!! it's called, hackin' in to yer moms walgreens photo account online!!!!!

it was a purple and white theme. i loved it. i thought it was SO pretty.

the CAKE!!!!!!!!! isn't it lovely?

oh, that's me. if this were in color, you'd see how insanely tan i am. it was taken over the summer at camp. oh, my goodness, how i just LOVED CAMP. i was a pro swimmer and took all the tests so that i could go in any pool i wanted (yeah that's right ya'll even the TWENTY FOOT DEEP POOL cuz i was cool like that) at both home AND camp and it was wonderful. oh and my hair turned green. good times. good times.

one of our engagement photos. i think i look mildly stupid here but whatev. bygones. i just wanted ya'll to notice vlads arm- see that long tattoo? it says 'blood sweat tears' and i totally talked him into gettin in. cuz i'm an enabler like that.

no but really he wanted it after i suggested it to him. promise.

oh hello there russia!!!!! (sarah palin anyone?) just a shout out to the red square. vovka's homeland. it IS gorgeous, tho, isn't it?
oh and mom? what's with the picture of red square in your walgreens online photo account? i don't know WHERE you get this weirdoness from. (not that i caught it or anything. ahem.)
so POST PICTURES PEOPLE. i am a curious lil blonde over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and any chance to talk about disney and i'm all over that. just sayin.


Mama Dawg said...

If we do get a chance to meet up there, we'll have some of our own Disney photos to share!

Jenn said...

I think we need a tat tour of you and Vlad's body art. Just sayin'.

Love the randomness!

Yvette said...

You are a goof!

1) Maybe I should change my passwords

2) It was Disneyland

3) We don't tell people your father was my recuiter!!

Ahem, I forgive you, since I birthed you and everything.

4) Yes the girl in the photo is one of the important Lori's in my life (which is why your name was a no brainer).

Love You. Mom

Anonymous said...

Ok, the last time I went to Disney....Al Gore hadn't even invented the internet yet!!! (i crack myself up!!) and a digital camera was something used by Inspector Gadget....Is Disney still in Florida?? Just checking.

Marchelle said...



and i love your engagement pic!!!!
i love all of these pics actually.

also? i saw on your twitter that you love flogging molly..never heard em myself, but my blog bud LU-HUVS them! so maybe you two can hook up and talk about flogging molly together? i dunno. just felt like being a match maker. K BYE.

Jenn said...

Flogging Molly?!?!?!!?

I freakin' LOVE them! They come here quite often actually. Love it.

And I have been to Disneyland twice. Husband has never been. I can't wait to take him. And the child. It really is the most magical place on earth!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great randomness! The pics are great! You're adorable!

super tweaky mel said...

okay! the birdcage veil. i love it! love love love it. you are so gorgeous.

I love looking at all these pics. So cute!!!