Friday, January 2, 2009

MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!

hey ya'll!!!!!!!!!

it's me!!!! remember me? lil blonde squirt who writes on here sometimes? you know, usually daily, but...

wha, you don't remember me? wait! c'mon back now!!!!

okay. i done did move. kind of . i'm in the OPERATION: GETTERDUNN mode. my mom is my savior amen and bless her with chocolate every single darn day. she is like the moving QUEEN ya'll i don't GET IT! woman has moved countless times (anyone remember that my dad was a Marine? you's best remember!) and she's got it down pat. she can also carry heavier boxes than me. but i can reach higher shelves so nanner nanner.

so! i'm moving. to a smaller home. it's a condo, on the second floor, in a nice very diverse(ahem russian) development, it has a balcony that looks into trees and can fit mah grill, it has one bedroom, a gally kitchen, and is kinda sorta like Marine barracks in the main public hallways.

but i don't judge a book by it's cover.

cuz ya know what? i thought this TOWNHOUSE i live in now, ahem i mean MONSTER was the best thing ever. cuz on the outside? it's super shiny, quiet, safe, has a garage and driveway (meaning i don't have to lug my flippin groceries thru two security doors, one fire door, one set of stairs and finally MY DOOR up hill both ways in the snow) has a loft, has a nice super big kitchen....

but on the inside? it was like biting into a rotten apple. you think it's only a bruise so you bite another spot, and get another sour bruise. then you bite the other side and you discover to your dismay it is NOT going to be able to be saved. you sigh and chuck it.

and that's just what i'm doing, my friends, i am CHUCKIN the dang townhouse. to the hills with you fancy schmancy glossy people!!!

i like my 1960's hallways and weird light fixtures and security doors!!

ahem. so. my mom and i (my mom) packed up my kitchen krap, put stuff into boxes, loaded both our cars and hit the road. went to the condo. set up my kitchen, i have WAY more space than i remembered- the galley kitchen situation can get frustrating, but ... i don't see why. it's perfectly fine. hm. sounds like SOMEONE was a super duper big ol' SNOB two years ago and is now a shiny new person who has a few bumps and scrapes but is super duper better on the inside. ahem.

so. what was i sayin'? lordy be i ramble when i type on here. i just feel like i'm really TALKING to all of you. in case you haven't noticed, heh, i write exactly how i talk. and how i think. cuz i'm a fast typer i can literally type as fast as i think. uh. for the most part. i do have to concentrate. and i'm soooooo not one of those editing people. as in, once i write it? it's out there, ya'll get to read it, or not read it, if that's your preference. sigh. i wish we could all be in my living room right now drinking wine and eating chocolate cake and talking. THAT would be a perfect night.

anywhoo!!!!!! so. the condo. it's a little ghetto fab. i'll admit that. but you know what? it's safe. and it's clean. and it's dependable. good lord i sound like i'm tryin' to talk up a ford pinto or something. SERIOUSLY IT IS NICE. we have granite in the kitchen, we remodeled the bath with a jacuzzi, i'm painting the bedroom

well, i'm not painting it, right now my husband vlad is painting it. yep. while i'm at home. my old home. cuz i wanted to sleep in my own bed. and also? you do NOT so do NOT want me to paint anything. i. am. terrible. seriously. like i am baaaaaaaaad at painting. it gets everywhere but the walls.

oh also? Linda, i totally want you to like live next door to me so that you can help me move. you once boasted you could pack up an apartment on a lunch break.

i would PAY FOR YOUR DANG TICKET to see that in action. cheaper than movers, probably! and my chiropractors bill. :)

anyway! so. friends of ours and vlad are painting, and vlad is going to sleep on the couch to my very bestest friendsinrealife, danny and brittney. they rock. seriously. and how is he able to sleep on their couch?

they live ACROSS THE PARKING LOT from our condo. in their own condo. that we so totally made(forced)them to buy. but really. we totally did. they have a gorgeous son, Zander, and they were living with their parents when he was a newborn and were DESPERATE to leave. and what do ya know? a condo opens up, completely remodeled, two bedrooms, right next to us (we used to live in this condo three years ago, then we rented it and bought the townhouse, now we're downsizing and going BACK to the condo that is now vacant of the russian grandma. or babushka. whichever you prefer.)(that's the fastest i have EVER told a story. go me!) and we showed it to them and they bought it and the rest is easy shmeasy.

anyway. so that's where vlad is sleeping.

is this post random enough yet? i may or may not have had two glasses of wine.

that i'm drinking out of a plastic 'pinocchio' cup that was a giveaway at burger king when i was like eight years old and i have the whole collection and totally still keep (and use) them bc they function well and hello? disney is like my crack. no. joke.

this is also the only cup that we DIDN'T pack up today. so yeah. it is now 'wine pinocchio.' also? he looks rather tipsy. just sayin'.

ANYWAY. i have pictures. and i promise to post them here. when i'm not super duper exhausted. also, i don't know when the next time i'll be able to post will be. i have a feeling, Sunday.

and on sunday? i will be posting from, as CG says, and i'm totally going to screw it up but here goes anyway cuz what kind of life would you lead if you weren't willing to try, my new house in my new zip code in my new time zone in my new ... shoes?

sumthin' like that. i'm a fly by the seat of my pants girl. i improvise.

and i learned something. i also really, really hate to pack.

just sayin'.

i'm also home alone tonight.

marathon phone conversation, anyone? ;) hope ya'll had a great new years. i did, i went out and hung with family (also T5M, it's okay that i was around other people bc i was on my medication long enough that i wasn't contagious! how thoughtful am i???? :) hehehehe.), family being my friends and my husband, and my best friend britt's family.. who are the shizzz forevah btw..... and we all had a blast. too much fun, seriously!!!

ahem. anyway. i wish all of you the best of days this new year. i hope we blog and bitch and chat it up every single day and have fun and give lots and lots to others and love our families and i hope all ya'll wake up each morning to a piece of chocolate and eat it and never get cavities. not that that's my life's dream or anything. just sayin'.


Linda said...

Wine & chocolate cake? I SOOO wish I lived next door too!!
I wish I could help you move too but I'm already booked for this weekend. My MIL is moving from a two bedroom to a one bedroom down the hall at the assisted living facility in Macon, GA.

Ash said...

Oooh I hope you have a happy new year in your new town home! I like the uh "diverse (russian) neighborhood" part. HILARIOUS :)

Marchelle said...

i dont mind packing: just throw it all in a box, tape it up, sniff the black magic marker, label the box, sniff the marker again, then throw the box in the car and go!

i DE.SPIIIIIIISE. unpacking. blech. ugh.

hope you and pinnochio had a wonderful evening!

mollie said...

moms rock. Mine was a super-mover, too. Hope you are settled into home sewwt (or sweet) home soon!

Sandy Toes said...

Hope your "move" goes well and smooth and feels like "home"!
-sandy toes

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Best wishes in your new digs. Happy New Year!