Thursday, January 8, 2009

i'm here!!!!!

ohmahgawd you all have NO idea what a big ball of stress and worry i am!!! over my house. nuthin major in life. just putting that out there.

i scared you?

you hate me now?

come back!! i promise cookies and whipped cream. oh yah. double wammie.

moving this time, for some reason, is kickin this blondes BUTT. could be that i moved while sick. could be that i'm downsizing. could be that my old townhouse is full of stuff still that we didn't want and are donating to charity, but..... it's still just chillin over there. straight up a chillin villain. or. something like that.

anyway, so it also could be that my mother is the only person who helped. could be that my new house still needs to be painted... or, half of it, anyway. could be that this weekend i'm lookin at havin to paint the rest of my condo (with the help of my mom, thankfully), set up my closet so it functions, buy some real food (not that i've been livin off of chips n salsa and frozen pizza and dengeos (an uh-mayzing greek counter service restaurant, oh i'll have to take pics and show you my (winner winner)chicken dinner place. mahvelous.) and (wine) orange juice or anythin. nope. not me. no surree) head on over to the old place and pack everything up for good will, sift thru my mt. everest garage and figure out which boxes i want, which are for charity, which are empty bc oh you didn't know?

for some reason (and ALL russians do this, not just my husband and his family) russians LOVE to keep boxes to household items. you know. the t.v., the dvd player, the playstation, the wii, the iron. yes. i have TWO iron boxes in my garage. who keeps an iron box???? i mean really.

not to mention all of this stuff? he moved without using these said boxes. no, he shoved everything into ONE box of it's own. and moved the t.v. in her naked glory. much to her chagrin.

why are tv's female? i have no idea. anyway.

where was i? see, this is what happens when i start rambling. you all should know better than to give me a blank canvas. this was supposed to be a 'hey ya'll i'm still alive and kickin!' post and now... hm. now it's a REAL post. sort of. ahem.

so, this is my life right now. NO COMPUTER (my body is seriously convulsing at around oh say 7.30 when i look around and realize NO CABLE? no COMPUTER? oh lordy just put me in a coma until saturday!! sigh.) but i AM looking at laptops tonight.

didja hear that? I'M LOOKING AT LAPTOPS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! that means i can blog from.. from... MY BED! the bathroom! STARBUCKS! even dengeos! oh the possibilities. and it's super new and shiny and hello i am SO into super new shiny things. also gettin' a wall mount for mah tv that goes up and down and tilts and is awesome.

and i want to buy a fridge, dangit. so i will. (maybe. hopefully. sigh.)

so hang tight, my chicklets, i'm tryin' mah butt off here. but it'll all be worth it!!!!!!!!!


Jenn said...

I can sooooo picture you bloggin' from the bathroom. Well, not like ACTUALLY picture it. But you know what I'm sayin'. Good luck shopping!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Now sit down with a nice warm cup of coffee.....omg no!...a warm cup mulled cider maybe and R.E.L.A.X! This girl needs a break.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Moving is the absolute WORST!!! Thank God for Mommies! I can't believe you still have so much energy!

...and I just realized that I have the same template as you. Can we say great tastes think alike?!? However, I'm changing it now. No worries!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you know LO, she WOULD take a pic of her blogging from the bathroom!!! LOL!! And I like new and shiny, and if I had the $2000 of ready cash on hand I would be the proud owner of a new Macbook with all the bells and whistles!! I covet!!

And I am all for blogging from Starbucks, I used to take my laptop to Barnes and Nobles and people watch and blog about all that madness....

Do I babble or what!!! Anyhoo...

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Your blogs always make me laugh! You are great!

And girl, thank you so much for telling me what was going on in your heart while reading my blog! It truly makes me SO joyful. And know that if you ever have any questions about anything, you can always feel free to talk to me! :)

Happy Heart Princess said...

I helped my son and his wife and two children move over the Christmas holidays - omg - they have so much stuff!!! it motivated me to come home and start to downsize my stuff! congratulations on your move!

The Passionate Housewife said...

Hi Lo, I found you through the glamourous housewife and your comment caught my attention...just wanted you to know that someone is praying for you...

T5M said...

Not to stress you out, but I just tagged you for a meme - have a little fun! (you know you blog from your computer at work)


super tweaky mel said...

I hate moving too - it is sooo stressful! You take your break and be sure to post pics when you return. I just got back from my bloggy break.

I'm thinking of you - and I wish I could have helped you move!!!