Tuesday, January 20, 2009

soooooo here i am again. yep! me! tada! SURPRISED ya'll din i??? yeah. uh. maybe not. but. still. it's me. in tho fleyash yo! or. as much as i can be via online and.... without video capabilities.

btw, is that somethin ya'll would be interested in? me goin... gasp..... digitalvidial? or. i mean. video. ahem.

lemme know. cuz that's somethin i think upon.


so. Linda decided to interview me, too. or. maybe i volunteered. it's all so fuzzy, chitlins, i sway-yar. here are her questions..... oh how i love this interview thing. and also?

per Linda's rules? i have to tag all ya'll (Marchelle i love ya for comin up with that term)(but i love you always and forever and pink, so who's to say what that means? anyone? bueller?)(heh) and ask ya'll to ask ME TO INTERVIEW YOU. yeah. i KNOW. crah-ha-ha-hazy!!!! but still. fun. but still? upbeat.

find that movie title and you win somethin GOOD.

so. ahem. anyway. without further adu. or adou. or... aydooo????? why am i spelling challenged all of a sudden? sigh. spellcheck i hate you for not recognizin ya'll.

Where did you get your cat Daisy and how did she get her name?

well shucks. the love of my life came INTO my life in a weird way. my cat, Panda, the best EVAH had just passed. she had picked a time when i was traveling. i KNOW THIS like i know my left hand. (i'm left handed, didnja know??) i was so sad. upset. depressed. my mom said, hey ya'll, (tho she is FAR from southern in her speech,) let's buy ANOTHER cat!!! thus brought on the humane society trip to find 'my new cat'. which, was Daisy. and btw, her name? yeah. couldn't think of a better one. it literally just 'bloomed' (heh) on me. she was FOR ME. totally anti social until she saw ME. and she was all over me like white on rice. surrreously. and i adored her. so small. so precious. and then i was all well my fav thing in the world just DIED so i think i want two. so she won't be lonely. yes this is how i think. so we got ANOTHER cat which would be Cali, cuz she's a calico, and really? girl's got somethin wrong with her. but we love her just the same. (or maybe love my mom for takin on TWO cats of mine. Cali and also Larry who used to be Lola and uhm...... let me tell ya THAT story sometime) so...... we took her home. and i couldn't figure out a good name. so i called her Daisy.

but ya know what? i usually call her food names. WEIRD I KNOW. like hamburger, like 'hi hamburger!!! hi apple pie!!! hi apple pie in the sky full of Daisies!!!' i know. i. am. weird.

Vlad, is sporting a very nice tat on his right arm. Have you ever considered one? If so, what of and where would you put it?

girl i've got three. and i'm the main reason Vlad HAS that tat. or... tats. tattoos. cuz i am a tattoo FREAK. i have NO IDEA where this comes from. i constantly shy away from needles. i HATE SHOTS. or gettin mah blood drawn? fuggeeedaboutit. no. way. but for some reason, i LOVE TATTOOS. the first one i ever got:

me, scared shoeless, for lack of a better cuss word, was me bent over a chair. not to mention my friend forgot her i.d. so ME, i, had to drive all of one hour BACK to her house to get her id. and yeah. not fun. i BARELY had a drivers license and i was visiting her in another state.

we come back, i go first, needless to say, (heh,) it felt GLORIOUS. on the small of my back i have the words "Take to the Sky" in a cute script. bc of my cheerleading injuries (which are serious, kid you not) made the tattoo feel GOOD. my muscles RELAXED. oh sigh.

cut to me meeting vlad, he likes tattoos, i do too, our friends cousin is a tattoo artist... and... uhm.... we're hooked.

i have stars that go from my right hip bone to my 'bra height' as i like to say. and a tribal crescent moon next to my right hip bone. and i'm plannin on gettin "memento vivare" tattooed up my left side, really big.

please don't judge. i know what people think about tattoos. to me? it's a remembrance of life and how you felt at the time. i LOVE looking at my body and seeing emotions and feelings embedded there. i LOVE that i can make a part of my body that i HATED HATED HATED feel beautiful, bc i have somethin beautiful there. it's not for everyone, but dear lord, it's for me.

What made you decide to blog?

i have NO flippin idea. i think i saw all of these women connecting and thought, dangit, why not ME? so i did. i thought, 'this is never gonna float. i'm NEVAH gonna have readers. who cares about MY life???" and then.... i stumbled 'cross ya'll. and started to get- gasp- COMMENTS. and... and... to be truthful, i live for the comments. i do. i LOVE hearing your thoughts. i love communicating. i just adore blogging and couldn't imagine my life without it. it is SUCH an outlet. i get to be myself and get to say what i want to say and be who i am.

i also made potato soup tonight. ah-mayzing!!! yes? okay. de-rail. back on track.

You’ve talked about the possibility of entering Law Enforcement. If that doesn’t work out, what would be your second choice?

hmmmmm. Linda, you girl you, you've just brought to light my "BIG DILEMMA". i'm thinkin maybe social work, or forensics even tho i hate med school (yeah i was a nursing major once. math? nah. not mah thang.) and maybe even...... computer forensics. or. admin for a police department. or. workin for the military, just non-military- somethin my mom does. i just don't know. i want to help. and for some reason COP has always resonated in my head. perhaps i glorify it, but.... i know i do..... but. i have ..... i know i am smart, and competent, and i have SOMETHING to add to the world and this is what my soul says.

we'll see.

What, if anything, stands between you and utter and complete happiness?

so many things.

here i am, bein' candid and all. cuz i know that all ya'll who continue to read me expect to know ALL about me, and not just the BLOGGIN me.

i will be honest.

sometimes, or most of the time, the 'bloggin me' is slightly different than the real me. in the respect that i am, in normal life, not so happy-go-lucky. ya'll help me to be happy and to relish life. but in reality, i am a happy person but...

i hate my job.

to a point that i cannot WAIT to share with you in May. really. you have NO FLIPPIN IDEA guys!!!!!!

but really. what keeps me from bein' happy would be my husband who works all the time, cuz he owns his own business. i go to sleep many a night by myself. i see him for small moments in the morning when we're both still half asleep.

what keeps me from bein' happy would be the fact that my job? SUCKS. nuff said. crazy psycho women are SO NOT MY THANG.

what keeps me from bein' happy is myself.

cuz i have a habit of totally bein' depressed and all and missin out on life.

maybe ya'll don't know that about me. maybe ya do. maybe you think i'm perfect in my 24 yr oldness.

i'm not.

i wish more than anything that i could be happier, could rejoice, could LIVE. this blog helps me do that. i know, now, that a lot of the time i act as if i'm happygolucky 24/7, and i'm not...... i'm normal.

i get sad. i get depressed. A LOT. but cuz of ya'll i get HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i cannot express it enough. so, to answer Linda's question more thoroughly? i started blogging to fill a void and


that void is more than filled it's overflowin and also?

i love all ya'll. you mean more to me than you can truly know.

thank you.


Linda said...

Oh Girl. I love you too! I hate to break it too you but you are SO a normal 24 year old. The "I don't know what I want to do with my life? Why can't I just be happy?" Been there, done that, lived through it, wouldn't want to do that again! We're all here for you when you need us.

mollie said...

you welcome.
I think you should show the tats... Photos puuuleaze...

Mama Dawg said...

I can't wait to get my first ever tattoo in September of this year.

Oh, and I responded to your Disney idea on my blog.