Sunday, January 18, 2009

sundays sundays i love sundays. just not sams club.

soooo guess what i'm doin? yeah. that's RIGHT ya'll i am bloggin from my livin room because i?

yeah, that's right, ME?

i've got a laptop. THATS RIGHT. me. moi. i. have gotten a laptop, and oh lordy, i am in love.

i am SMITTEN. i am smitten kitten right now. it is gorgeous. the keys don't stick like most laptops. i click clatter along without a care in the world.

oh, how i love this laptop.

and if i weren't dog dead tired? i'd totally, fo sho, give you a pic shot of it. but.... forgive. forgive. i am a tired girl over here in illinois. i try my best.

hey. at least i'm typin, right? i guess all those chat room talks in high school payed off cuz i? can type 95 wpm. go me! go me! (ahem. i pay or may not have done the fists-goin-in-a-circle dance. ahem.)(you better take that to yo grave, man.)


so. it's an hp. and it ROCKS. i swear, the most gorgeous sentence ever spoken to me: '500gb memory.' oh lordy be i am channeling Country Girl when i say that but seriously? this thing? rocks mah world. no. lie.

ahem. anyway. anyhoo. just a quick check-in to tell ya'll that i am now in full blogging mode. expect more pictures. from my REAL camera, not my camera phone!!

can ya give me a WOO HOO?????????????

that's what i THOUGHT. i knew ya'll wouldn't let me down.

and now? i crawl my sorry butt into bed. cuz after all day? yeah.... an all day laptop hunt. starting at best buy, where we fell IN LOVE with a computer but then thought nah, sams club HAS TO have it cheaper. cuz we love ol' sam and all.

that's what i thought at first. turns out? sams club was totally overpriced. (sams henchmen? please don't hunt me in my sleep when you read this tomorrow. i mean no harm. it's just, well, your laptops are totally overpriced, man!!)

so then we went BACK to best buy, found everything we needed, were so super stoked, to learn that they were SOLD OUT in all of illinois. seriously. that's what she told me.

and then we went to Costco. oh, Costco, how can i sing your praises high enough???? sigh. the PERFECT laptop. at the PERFECT price. only to learn that this beast was the floor model and the display was the ONLY one left.

so, we left. and down the street at a red light i say aloud, 'you know, i really liked it. for the price, it's AH-MAYZIN. i just feel like i left a little kid out in this 11 degree weather with only a towel to keep warm.'

or. maybe i said somethin else. but this is what i was thinking. this laptop? it BELONGED to us. it WAS us. oh how i loved it's shiny bronze-ness.

so we turned around.

and we bought it.

and me? yes. i am a super duper happy camper. now, talk to me about steak from a restaurant near our house that we are totally never goin to again? yeah. maybe this isn't the best time to tell you THAT lil jewel of a story.


it just confirmed that i? make a mean steak. not to toot my own horn or somethin.

good lord i think this laptop done gone to mah brain. bed time for me, bloggies. can't wait for our rendezvous tomorrow!!!

sigh. technology TOTALLY makes mah skirt fly up. or. somethin like that.


Linda said...

Ha-ha! You sound like a girl with her first crush! Laptops are the best! Freedom! Freeedomm! Blog from the sofa, blog from a chair! (kinda sounds like a cheer, huh?) But beware; kitties like to walk across and lay on the keyboards cuz they get toasty warm. Mine usually finds the F11 key with a foot.
Congrates on your new "baby"!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Congrats on the new lap top. One day I will own one. For now, I just sit in front of this "dinosaur" of a desktop.

Mama Dawg said...

I'm so jealous. Congrats, though!

Midlife Slices said...

I'm on the hunt for a new laptop too but I'm leaning towards a Mac, even though I've never used one before. Did you look at those and if so, what did you think?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I think that your love for the new laptop might even rival your love for steak. nahhhhh.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!! I am jealous. That is on "The List" First though I have furnishings and decorations to buy for my new house.