Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this is my 102nd POST!!! holy smokes.

and it's not as if i have anything like, uber interesting to write. of course. duh. cuz it's me. i'ma flake. yeah. that's my name. ima flake. nice to meetcha.


(still there?)

ahem. anyway!! so. to let ya'll in on a lil' secret: MOVING SUCKS. the big fat toe sucks. the suckage of moving i cannot even express in the written word. it is so unbelievably frustrating and upsetting and exciting and nerve-wracking and i-wanna-pull-mah-hurr-out-ing, i don't know why i EVER decided to move.

oh yeah. cuz i love my new house. anyway!!

so. in any event, THIS IS WHY i have been M.I.A. from the blog world!!! i am still readin', my lovelies, but.... posting? yeah. zilch. nada. i gots nuthin' up here in this blonde head-o-mine. i know. i know. did i ever?

i kid! heh. you don't even KNOW how many blonde jokes i get a day.

this is something that freaks the caffeine outta me. just LOOK AT THIS. it's a 'squeezy toy' otherwise known as one of our promo items at work. scares the bejesus outta me. this thing is NOT NATURAL. i don't know WHY i get skeeved out by mr.smiles but I DO and that's all that matters.

meet his partner in crime, mr.glasses. they LOOK INNOCENT. but i can tell you, i KNOW for a FACT that come alive at night. yeah.
oh seriously, they do. these little suckers will sneak up on you and ...
i don't know what comes after and but it ain't good, i can tell ya that!!!!
yeah. i hate these things. at first they seemed cute. then someone put one on my desk. then this THING is staring at me for nine hours all day and i start to feel watched like i did in my aunts room that was in the basement of my grandmas house and she collected porcelain dolls and she faced them all toward her bed so they WATCHED HER SLEEP every night.
uh, traumatized much? yeah. that ain't the HALF OF IT, sister! (or brother. i do not discriminate.)
so anyway. i don't know why i put these pictures up. i don't know why i decided to tell you about my acute but totally understandable and real terror of dolls and glass eyes and weird balloon-filled-with-plastic-sand-type squeezy men.
these are not men i want to squeeze. thank ya, no! no sirree bob. no bob, seriously? no. no means no.
so. can you BELIEVE i have written 102 blog entries??? what the hell??? when did THAT happen? seriously yo. i do not recall being THAT chatty kathy. (as my mother would say. wtf is a chatty kathy anyway????) and also? all ya'll who read this???
now THERE'S a few minds i'd like to pick someday. why on earth would someone read my ramblings??? sigh. if i get at least one of you to smile or laugh or just plain destress than my job here is DONE.
but also. thank you for reading. i think i'd right true lose mah mind if i didn't have ya'll.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

We read ya because we luv ya!

Linda said...

Girl, are you still moving??? Seriously, don't make me come up there! haha!

Lump said...

I so love you. You always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I moved FOUR PEOPLE and a DOG in a week. WTH are you still doing MOVING?? j/k sista. Love ya girl! Hang in there. Oh and the smilies? CREEP-Y!!