Thursday, January 15, 2009

uhm, maybe i was too generous with the term 'moving'

SOOOOO since i got so much flack from ya'll about the fact that i'm still, ya know, MOVIN and all....

let me clarify what i meant by my general term, 'moving'.

puttin up the dang tv!!! woohoo!!! success. except. we have no cable now. which. sucks. but. eh. details schmetails. whoever said it's all in the details totally didn't understand how great it is to mount a big ol' t.v. to the wall!! okay. so in the above photo, please find: on the left, my husband, Vlad. in a pink shirt. YES he wears pink! and purple sometimes too. he's comfortable with his manhood and all. next to him is a super duper good friend of mine (and now neighbor, separated by one measly parkin' lot) Danny! and yes, he TOO is wearin' a pink shirt!!

pink party pink party!!

ahem. movin right along.

isn't this the funniest picture ever? heh. hehehehe. he would KILL me if he knew i put this up. good thing he thinks bloggin is some type of exercise or somethin.

we (ahem, THEY) are mounting the t.v. to the wall, and it's going to sit between two tall bookshelves... you can see the right-hand one in this pic. underneath the t.v. will be a half-bookshelf.

sort of like a modern library.

in my living room.

okay i saw it in ikea and just died and had to have it and now i WILL.

close-up of the 'finding the stud and darnit where'd that dang screwdriver go'

(except they may or may not have no used dangit and darnit. just sayin'. i'm honest like that.)

you can see the left-hand bookshelf. go vlad! go danny! except... vlad is moreso takin' a back seat. he was pooped. danny is the major muscles of the operation in this picture right here.

and the t.v.! up it goes!!! dang that looks heavy. i thought it was 42" but it's really somewhere near 46"!! or 47". or. something. it's big. that's all my heart cares about. (i know. i know. i am so vain.)(sorry. i just like to pretend i'm in the movie theatre!!)

lifting, holding.... all the while i am sittin' on the couch readin' mah book and snappin' pics a good little assistant and offer tons and tons of useful advice and knowledge.


er, it looks rather... nekked right now. (sorry t.v.... i know not what i do. i promise i'll throw some shelves around ya soon.) the bookshelves are askew, and i'm missing the half-bookshelf entirely.
but that's not the point. cuz at least IT'S UP. and tonight?? tonight, i am making rib eyes, and mashed potatoes, and we're gonna buy brackets so that we can secure the shelves to the wall, and then... THEN I GET TO MAKE MY LIBRARY COMPLETE.
bwahaahahhahahaha. (evil laugh. or. sorta.)
meaning, i get to unpack all my books and line them up. insert my contented sigh here.


Linda said...

Moving is a bear. Unpacking sucks!

Mama Dawg said...

I'm digging Vlad's tat.

Jenn said...

His rolled up pants crack me up!!

Ash said...

You are SUCH a good assistant to those boys. That TV would still be on the ground if it weren't for your help ;)
I am diggin' the book em!

Linda said...

All men need supervision. Way to show 'em how, Lo!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Seriously ROFL @ your husband thinks blogging is some sort of exercise. Can't wait to see it when it's all together. How fun!

super tweaky mel said...

LO! We are sisters from different misters I think. I LOVE LOVE Boondock Saints and the Usual Suspects... You know what else is weird??? I love Resevoir Dogs. You would think I'm all tough - but I'm not really! I can't watch scary movies but you give me a gangster movie - and its on! I have a mad crush on the saints! Lets have a movie night when we get together;)

I love your new place - and I love the manpris!! Those shelves on either side of the tele are AWESOME!

PS - I missed you :)