Tuesday, January 27, 2009

so yeah, i'm a liar. old news.

so yeah. after a VERY TRYING DAY AT WORK i came home, took one look at that laptop and was all psshhh nah way dude.

but i WAS tagged on facebook in a few pics, and although they may not be that flattering, i'm honest so i'm going to post them.

i'm not onea those peeps who only posts the pics where they look the best. (yes i am.) (no i'm not. this post proves it.)

it is a little known fact that i HATE (more than avocado) my nose, (okay i like avocado in my cali rolls but ONLY IN MY CALI ROLLS) so the fact that i am posting these pics tells you that i REALLY want to share saturday night with ya'll.

cuz my nose looks bad.

uh.... yeah. so i may or may not have stolen my girl's' boyfriend's sunglasses. er. not STOLEN just BORROWED and then i was such a good friend that i totally put them in my purse for SAFE KEEPING but i returned them sunday morning at brunch. where i had (2) a mimosa.

it was good.

oh. and i may or may not have taken the mug that vlad drank his tea in. as in. i dried it with my napkin and slipped it into my purse.

i know. i know. ya'll are gonna stop readin' me now cuz i'm a clepto. but seriously. the mug is awesome. it has a griffin on the front.

and it's orange.

okay. maybe if i go donate real quick online to a really super duper good cause it'll cancel out my mug stealin. i DID return the sunglasses you know. and honestly i WAS thinking in his best interest. bc the boy DID take SOMEONE ELSES sunglasses and was wearin' them and thought they were his. so i took his and put them away bc i knew i wouldn't lose them.

oh lordy. should i just erase everything i just wrote???????? i'm honest and all. i'll keep it up. please don't go judgin'. i haven't had my coffee yet.

this is my new friend daryl. he was kinda ... toasty when we took this. i was rolling my eyes goin', oh lordy, this is gonna be a HILARIOUS photo. and. it kinda is.

i will leave you with this photo. cuz. uh. i really have no words for it. no words for it except
PEACE YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marchelle said...


Jenn said...

love it!

Lump said...

um what? You are so beautiful!! :)

Linda said...

OMG, the Schnoz! You're a real Jimmy Durante there Girl.
I'm kidding!! You are too cute for words I tell ya! What are we going to do with you? he-he!

Mama Dawg said...

Fab pics! What's wrong with your nose?

AndreaLeigh said...

thanks for coming by my blog today! cool pics, love the shades! from your fellow harvarti lover. :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

But you are such an adorable thief!