Monday, January 19, 2009

done did answer an interview. and more edible grammatical errors.

well well well..... mz.Midlife Slices has taken it upon herself to INTERVIEW ME. yes. me. she wants to know all about MOI. and can ya blame her??

uh, i mean, isn't that weird??? who'd be interested in ME? i guess her. hah! see how that works out? pretty clever reasoning there.

anyway. so, she asked me five questions.... five GEM JEWEL SHINY sparkly beautiful (AND HARD) questions. here's i go. flyin by the seat of my pants.

Look into a crystal ball and tell me what you see about yourself 30 years in the future.

wow. so THIS IS WHAT you decide to start me off on??? GOODNESS grief woman! are you tryin' ta KILL ME over here???? okay. i'm okay. i'm calm. this question tho... this question... has me stumped.

cuz i am at a crossroad, kids. my life, come May, is goin to flip flop faster than my reefs. many, many things are changin' and it's for the better but the big bad scary thing that i ahve to do right now is DECIDE. decide if i'm going back to school, and what do i want to BE when i grows up, who i want to be, what i want my life to be like. it's hard. i have until May to figure it out. somehow i think ya'll will help me ;)

so, in 30 years? i have NO IDEA. that would make me... it would.. make... make me.... 54. holy batman, man!! 54?? that's older than my- wait. before someone kills me that i'm directly related to we will just omit the name from the record. but anyway. 54? i'd like to think... that i'd be courageous and strong, stronger than i could ever imagine now. i would like to see Vlad, and our children, being successful and i would like to imagine that i'm retired and am still able to indulge in my online shopping sprees. i'd like to have a house, sized perfectly for us, with a porch and a hammock and a kitchen that is ah-mayzin... stainless steel everywhere.... ahem. got side tracked with the THINGS part. i always get sidetracked by trivial stuff. i hope to see that at 54, i DON'T get sidetracked by THINGS. i hope that i do something really, really well and love waking up. that my children are proud of me.

Do you want to have children and if so, when. If not, why?

hm. i think i answered this. :) yes, i want children. maybe up to three. who knows? at this point i'm not ready for a baby. i know this about myself. in theory i think if it happened along, i would figure it out and i'd be good at it and i'd do just as well as any other young mom. but it would be hard. it would be the hardest thing for me to do, ever, in my life and i want to be FAIR to the little baby i'm bringing into this world. i want it to be wanted so badly that my entire being, my happiness, my love, my life, is hinged on it's arrival into the world. it wouldn't be fair any other way. i don't have a set 'time'. i think that when i'm ready i'll be ready. who knows? maybe i'll be ready in two months. or two years. i just know right now, it's good to have this time to be selfish (as stupid and immature as that sounds) and to be with Vlad. i love the guy.

If you could have 3 wishes and they'd all come true, what would those 3 wishes be?

peace on earth is too corny, huh? ;)

-everyone in my family to be safe, health-wise.... no one has any uncurable disease, they never catch colds, they live long lives and when they fade from this life they do so naturally and calmly in their sleep. health is so important.

-money. i know, i know, GOSH she is SO TRIVIAL. but i'm bein' honest with ya'll!! isn't that what you wanted? no? yes? maybe? mashed potatoes with gravy? i'd wish for just enough that - wait who am i kiddin'. i'd want tons of it so that i could afford my marc jacobs purse but after THAT i'd totally donate a ton to charity and maybe even start my own and then i'd travel the world ala angelina jolie and do all sorts of great stuff. how's that? oh you didn't want any gravy? but it's gravy, baby!!


-i... would like to think that i would wish for happiness. but that doesn't work, now does it? if i wished for happiness i'd probably lose 70 IQ points bc ignorance is bliss, right? didn't you get the memo? so instead i think i'd wish... i'd wish that nuclear weapons were wiped off the face of the earth, like they never even existed.

oh if i could have a fourth? just cuz? i'm lucky and all? i'd wish that every. single. person. out there who had any inkling of desire to hurt a child or rape a woman or do any of those awful things dissapeared. bc that is my biggest fear in the entire whole world... evil.

If you could know the time of your imminent death, would you want to know and why?

you'd think someone like me, bein' all curious and inquisitive and all, would wanna know. but then i would obsess over it and agonize and go thru the gazillion stages of grief and it'd be terrible. i'd see, first-hand, my family mourning me before i kick it. part of me thinks i would say yes to this, bc then it would mean that i would be motivated (in theory) to dedicate my short time (or long, depending) to something amazing and selfless and wonderful. like quit my job and travel to Uganda and help children who are terminally ill with AIDS bc hello? i'm gonna kick it anyway, so even if i DO get infected accidentally it won't matter. and that's one less person in the world being exposed to the terrible disease.

but in reality? please don't tell me. if you're psychic and you know that on November 14th 2024 i'm goin to trip and fall and then land in the middle of the street and a nice unsuspecting FedEx guy (or any other truck. i don't discriminate. i am quite partial to FedEx. the regular guy who comes to my office calls me Princess. that earns high points in my book.) comes barreling down the road at THAT PRECISE MOMENT and BLAM no more Lo in the world? yeah, i'd greatly appreciate it if you could keep it to yourself. cuz.... i'm a giver like that.

i just know myself. and i also know that we're not supposed to know. and if i AM supposed to know? i'm sure i will learn all on my own. i'd prefer not too, tho. just sayin'.

What is the one thing you most hope to achieve in your lifetime?

jeez Midlife!!! dang girl, you sure gots some big questions. i need to put on my big girl pants for this one. no chance i can hide in the laundry basket until someone answers this for me?

no? damn.

ya'll know that i'm relatively young. i'm 24. i am mature enough to be able to understand that i'm extremely immature and fresh to the world.

huh? still there? k. you should be well spoken in Lo language by now.

i think i would like to THINK that what i would want to leave this world with when i'm gone is kindness. i want to help people. (vague, huh?) i feel this deep, inner yearning to do something to help others. it's why i've always wanted to go into law enforcement. (plus i like to be badass. just sayin. although most of the time i'm super duper shy and introverted and not anywhere near badass.) ever since i was young i thought i KNEW i'd be a gun-tottin' badass girl who didn't take no gum from nobody. but.

situations and life and etc etc have changed me. i'm not the same to-hell-with-it person i USED to be when i was younger.

jeeeez louise girl! you sound OLD. ahem.

so, i am left with this weird, mushy feeling that i'm supposed to do something along those lines, but... no idea where to go. (didn't i mention a big life change in May? yeah, welcome to part of it, friends.) so. what was i talkin bout again? jeez. i do this A LOT i think. what do i want to accomplish......

i want to be able to wake up at 54 and look around me and say, damn girl, you done did it. you done did it good.


Marchelle said...

this post. was. awesome.

i flippin heart you man!! AND midlife slices for interviewing you!! and i rather like your wish #4. i'd be ok with that.

oh hey.. if you are feeling voyeuristic (and i know you are!) then you can check out my house tour here:

Midlife Slices said...

I KNEW you would not disappoint and I love your "Lo speak" and am finally understanding most of it. hehehe....

What great answers and totally from the heart. You already have shown so much kindness in the short time that I've known you so I have no doubts you'll leave this world with that achievement all wrapped up in pretty bows and ribbons for the world to enjoy.

Thanks and did great!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

First things first. I have to know what medication you're taking. And then how can I get some?
Second-You are a brave woman asking MLS to interview you. A better woman than me. She scares me. *wink* And she was ROUGH on you. Very big girl questions and you handled them very well. I would still be in the laundry hamper!

Anonymous said...

THIS girl is why I love you!!!!

Lo said...

Marchelle- doode. itotally love to spy on people's houses. never leave me alone in the bathroom at your house. (huh?) i WILL go thru medicine cabinets. just sayin.

Midlife- girl you know i love you. shucks. you made my eyes tear up :)

SMB- medication? huh? huh? ehehhehe it's called sugar and wine heh

Beki- you know i love you too girl. :) always will!