Monday, January 26, 2009


so. tonight i am uploading photos ( I KNOW. finally. i hang my head in shame but am determined to redeem myself.) but still wanted to give a shout out, since i was m.i.a. all weekend.

I HAD A REASON. it was my girl's birthday and since she used to go to school in Milwaukee, and her friends are there, she went on down (up?) there this weekend and Vlad and i met her up and met all new people and i had so much fun i just about DIED.

i drank miller lite till the cows came home. and then some.

i stayed in a posh hotel where they let people smoke inside. i mean HUH??? really? i don't enjoy eau de marlboro with my check in, thanks.

i met awesome cool people and stole their sunglasses.

but i totally gave em back.

cuz i'm cool like that and all.

also? if you were on a bender this weekend and came home Sunday night, would you invite two friends over (plus a girlfriend) who are NOTORIOUS for drinking and being rowdy and obnoxious?

if your wife just wanted to, you know, chill and relaxin all cool and shootin some b-ball outsidea school when a couplea guys who were up to no good.. started makin trouble in tha neighborhood...

ahem. fresh prince i am not. excuse me. so. anyway.

basically Vlad got a little rowdy and then when i was cooking "Crash Hot Potatoes" from Pioneer Woman's website he got it in his head to pan fry some steaks and reached into the oven to grab my skillet and he's holdin' the darn thing like it's a banana or somethin and i scream,


and i run over to him just as he throws the (scalding hot) pan to the ground. good thing my mom bought an expensive one.. that has the black nylon schtuff on the bottom (back?) of the handle so he only burnt his palm in two places instead of the entire hand. andi made him stand with it under cold water for a bagillion eleven years.

oh didntja know? it's totalllllly normal to store your skillet in the oven when you're not usin' it. easy access. we won't be storing it there any longer.

as of this morning, it was not blistered. somehow i feel that it's going to be another story when i see it tonight. poor husband.

you see, crash hot potatoes? you must first boil them and THEN you smash crash them into potatoe cookies and then bake them.

also? it didnt' really work. i ended up just mashin them with a fork to make one big potato.... layer we'll say, and then i just scooped them into a big ol' heap for Vlad.

and i cooked his steaks. since he was under the weather with the hand and the rowdiness and all.

friends left shortly after this incident.

i drank a dos equis. very good.

read my book. watched the bourne identity. fell into a dead sleep and when i woke up this mornin' i was all ALREADY???????????????????????

no really. are you playin' a joke on me? it's monday? sigh.

good news: tax season officially 'starts' for my work on 2/2. last week? yeah. i was SURE THAT feb. 2nd was going to be today. as in HOLY HECK NOOOOOOO not overtime BUT i was just a blonde and when i came into work i was all

hip hip horay!!! it's not feb. 2nd!!!!!

where am i going with this post? what the heck am i talkin bout?

are you still there?

if so, gold star for YOU.

tonight i will try (am determined) to upload photos to the shiny new laptop so that i can share with ya'll. (and facebook.) (but i never said that cuz i am SO NOT a facebook junkie.) (i'm a facebook junkie. but don't tell. i don't like rehab and i an't no quitter.)


Mom said...

Poor Vlad. Make sure you buy an aloe can put it next to his bamboo plant.

Mama Dawg said...

I had steak last week and totally thought of you!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Um, yeah, so Ms. I am not a facebook junkie....I tried to find you on there and no such luck.

So are you or aren't you?? Hmmmmm?

Inquiring minds want to know about a sista!


The Panic Room said...

I am posting this comment. getting up. walking into the kitchen. and taking our iron skillet out of the oven.

Midlife Slices said...

Vlad and I can compare hands. I like to cook steak and chicken by browning it really nicely on top of the stove in a very hot iron skillet and then putting the skillet into a very hot oven for about 8 minutes. Delish!! So tonight I had a brain fart and reached for the handle of the iron skillet right after I'd taken it out of the very hot oven. YOWZZA! I said a really bad word(s) and ran cold water over my hand for a bazillion hours and then I whined and made HBL wash dishes after dinner so I REALLY feel Vlad's pain. REally.

Anonymous said...

Instead of a Gold star, I would like mine in Pink. Kthxbai.

mollie said...

I am a facebook junkie, too... I ain't goin' to rehab, either