Wednesday, December 31, 2008

medicated but not loopy. promise.

oh holy hell i just read the last post i, er, well posted, and holy hell!!!

i was SOOOOOOOO uber loopy!!!! jeeeez louise. and no, Linda, i was not at work, i was at home. i posted around 7pm! it wasn't the medicine persay it was moreso my fever.

cuz this happens every. single. time. i get sick. i'm a fever person. as in, i get even a teeny tiny cold or even a sinus infection and BLAM i'm down for the count cuz Lo has a fever. it sucks. it also makes for some pretty interesting conversations with me. heh. as you can tell. jeez. that post was a doozy!!!!

hm. so. i sort of don't have a whole lotta schtuff to say bc well, i'm at home. i took vacation time for today and friday and thank gawd i did bc i am flat on my butt, sick.

as in, i would take a picture but it COULD be used for blackmail at a later date.

my hair is all over the place, my face is puffy and flushed, my eyes look like they're half swollen shut bc of puffiness, my eyes are glazed, i keep sneezing like i WANT to get snot all over my pants and WANT to almost fall-but-not-quite bc it's such a strong sneeze, i'm wearing pink mickey and minnie pajamas, and ... and.....

i was supposed to go to a new years eve party tonight. (ugh. i just sneezed. again. bless you, Puffs Plus with lotion. bless your moisturizing heart.) and i don't know if i should go. now before all of you scroll madly to the comments section and tell me


let me tell you it's a low key night. it's at my friends sisters house, and while there will be a lot of people there, i CAN sit on the sofa or in a chair for the entire night. that's not the part that is worrying me.

it's the part about stayin' up past midnight. and also? we originally planned to stay at my friends house (who's sister is having the party) and sleep on their couch. they have this massive L-shaped couch that is ... i dunno, suede? microsuede? and it is soooo comfy.

but i don't want to wake up early tomorrow. and they probably will. and i don't want to go out to breakfast with them. (wow. i'm a great friend, huh?) i just want to wake up in my own bed and stick to the sofa all day on new years. which won't be possible. and no way in hell am i gonna be the one to drive 45 minutes back home, at 2am, ill, with a drunk husband. will. not. do. it.

the other option is to stay home. which yes. i know. is the best option. but you don't understand. my husband is so super duper excited about tonight, and when i told him i may not be able to go, he said he wouldn't go either. he doesn't want to leave me alone on new years.

but that means that i'm ruining his big night that he was super duper with glitter and ice cream excited for.

what do i do? sigh.

oh and if i ever get the patience to download some pics to flickr, you'll just DIE at how weird my cat is. she has this love of my shoes. especially shoes i wear to work (i think bc i wear my heels barefoot, and so the shoes really have my scent? or somethin?) but she made sweet, sweet love to my bandolino heels last night. heh.

hm. just had a thought. perhaps if i do my research i could find a hotel near my friends sisters house... and we could take a cab or get dropped off or even drive and leave early. hm.

anyway. yeah. i'm SO super exciting aren't i? hehehehe. but at least i'm not LOOPY anymore!!!!


Jenn said...

Hmmmm.....sorry, but HE should understand how sick you are and that you need mega rest. Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Hope you have a Happy New Year, regardless of what you end up doing tonight!

T5M said...

Stay home, think of how terrible you'll feel if someone catches what you have!