Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ALL about me. but seriously. it's ALL ABOUT ME.

soooooooo i wanted to answer your questions!!!!!! cuz they were super good questions. yep. yeppers. and i'm totally going to answer them. and also? this was SO INTERESTING bc i got to see a lil bit into yer guys's heads. or as Marchelle says, ya'll'll. or as CG says all ya'll.

WHY am i always southern when i type to you? strange.

moving on!

so. i'm going to do this in two parts bc a) i want to give each and every question a thorough and good interesting REAL LO answer, and not just a pssshaw and a one-worder. cuz that's not how i roll. so. i am doing the first three now. okay. get yer engines ready....

Linda asked me how much caffiene do i consume daily? and in what form? or am i always in "high gear" all the time naturally?

okay, linda, here's the thing. this is really strange. all ya'll think that i'm this super duper peppy gottagogottagorightnow sorta gal and in reality? i dont' really think i am. i'm super lazy. seriously!! what do i do at night: read a book and have a glass of wine. yep. that's about as crazy as i get. oh sure i go out on the weekends but as my husband says, i'm like an old woman. to which i take no offense bc that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOO much wiser than he.

ahem. okay. i consume ONE tall glass of Lipton orange, jasmine, passionfruit green tea every. single. morning. and it must be in a regular drinking glass, NOT a mug. i detest mugs. unless they're christmas themed. other than that i may splurge once in a while on a starbucks espresso truffle or americano or just a plain latte. i REALLY LIKE ESPRESSO. mmmmm.

Smart Mouth Broad asked me somewhat the same thing... Where on earth do you get all that energy? Youth, it must be youth. See there I answered my own question. Sorry.

don't know if it's youth, but a lot of it? i get from SKITTLES. yes. if i eat a bag of skittles i'm good to go at work for about two hours. then i eat some more sugar. mmmmm. (green is my fav.)

and last but CERTAINLY not least, Marchelle asked me, MANY, questions... here we go:

1. what kind of toothpaste do you use?

(cut to me running down the hall to the bathroom to check) (no really i did, i'm sitting here with my toothpaste in front of me at the computer desk. no lie.) i use... crest baking soda & peroxide whitening, fresh mint. it really is fresh. see i bought arm & hammer at walgreens the other day thinkin' it ws gonna make my teeth SHINE (and it was on sale) but... the taste? GOOD LORD i seriously thought i was poisoning myself. seriously. there MUST be something hazardous in that toothpaste bc it DOES. NOT. TASTE. GOOD.

2. where/how did you and the russian meet?

Vlad and i met randomly at a party in wisconsin. yeah. i live in illinois. i worked at a tanning salon, and i was being stood up on a saturday night by this guy i was dating. so the girl i was closing w/said, forget him!! come to this party with me, it'll be FUN. yeah. four hours later, i'm in a car with my now-really good friend Danny who my tanning job friend was dating at the time in wisconsin. and i met vlad there. who had no interest in me, from what i could tell. but, he was Danny's roommate and being the responsible gal that i am, i ended back up at their place bc i didn't want to drive after drinking a little... and i met Vlad when he came out of his room and woke up. then he called me, i made excuses to hang out at their place, two months later? i have my own apartment and he stays there every night. (refused to say he lived there. BUT HE DID.) and the rest? history. :) total FLUKE that i met him. oh this was also in august of .. 2004 i believe.

3. are youins' planning on taking the plunge into parenthood?

sigh. this question. it's one i fuss over daily. am i? aren't i? am i? aren't i? READY??? and the answer is, probably not. but we do want kids. I WANT KIDS. i want boys and girls and whatever else happens to drop into my life. i love kids. i however do NOT like babies and wish i could give birth to a two year old. or. not. cuz that would hurt. but you get what i'm sayin', and that's probably the main reason why i'm not preggers right now. that and... oh, a little thing called BEING RESPONSIBLE. but if i happened to get pregnant? i would welcome it with open arms. but i want to start trying in maybe a year, two years.

4. what is your favorite vacation spot?

SARASOTA, florida. sigh. the gulf. it is my favorite place. so peaceful. so laid back. so small townish and the best king crab legs EV-AR. i wish i had a better pic other than this one shot from our balcony last time we went but i promise, sigh, it's gorgeous. i'm a beach girl. thru-and-thru. no joke. it's why it's so painful for me to live in illinois. our beaches SUCK the big toe out here. that's why during the summer i'm ALWAYS at lake geneva bc even tho it's a small beach, it's still A BEACH and it's CLEAN and i love all the quaint little shops and the fact that i can WALK to Kilwin's (if you know not what this is, you MUST GOOGLE IT. the best ice cream... sigh... ever....) and then eat my root beer float on the beach. also, best store ever, global gourmet, sigh.....

so. i will answer the next four tomorrow, and i think i started to tell you this in the beginning of the post and then in tru Lo fashion got distracted and now i'm going to tell you bc i just KNOW you read this entire novella post with bated breath: the reason b) why i'm only doing three tonight is bc there was a SEMI TRUCK JACK KNIFFED right where i get onto the 94 expressway. it took me AN HOUR just to get past it..... and then onto the official highway. since the semi jackknifed on the on-ramp. and if you don't understand jack knifed (term i heard on the radio, i NEVER KNEW it meant what i saw. and yes. i tried to take a picture, much to the police officers chagrin, but... damn camera phone sucks at night!!!) it's when the semi decides it wants to eat the 4 foot center median and try to get into the southbound lanes on the other side. and take out a PLOW TRUCK while doing so. yeah. not pretty.

don't worry. i sent good fuzzy happy pleasebealive thoughts to the driver, wherever he was at the time, and also big fuzzy thankyou thoughts to all the service men and women who were helping him.

5. what do you want to be when you grow up?

want to know the scary truth?


i leave you with that :)


Linda said...

You're awesome girl! We gotta hook up someday.

T5M said...

I too, like kids but not babies and have asked with all three of my kids if I could just leave them in there for an extra two years - but they wouldn't let me and I got through it.

Have fun while you're still kid-less - go one some nice vacations and eat out a lot!

mollie said...

Have I got a deal for you...
i LOVE LOVE LOVE babies. tiny newborns. LOVE 'EM.
cant stand them when they become walkie-talkies. I'll have more babies and ship them to you for their 2nd birthday. YES?
(by the way, I have two rugrats waiting to be shipped...)

Jenn said...

I have wanted to be a cop for many years now. :)

Marchelle said...

that picture.... just made me have a twinge in my heart for $20 t-shirts and $5 starfish and henna tatoos and toe rings and boogie boards and beach towels and 47 "surf style" stores in a row.

Lump said...

you make me smile. I'm totally going to Chicago and looking your cute ass up!

A cop? AWESOME. :)

Mama Dawg said...

You'd be an awesome cop.

You'll also be a terrific mother.

And? The baby phase? It passes. All too quickly, but it passes. I don't like babies either. I was so happy when mine finally could walk and talk.