Friday, December 26, 2008

uhm, er, where was i goin' with this post?

well i thought about not posting right now, bc i have been in the worst. mood. ev-ah today, but then i realized i've been super lazy and i didn't post yesterday, either.

bad Lo!

so. as i sit here i'm eating a stouffers philly cheese panini, contemplating what exciting topic i can go on and on and on about and folks, i've got nuthin.

except: i'm moving next week. yep, me, that's me, the smart girl who decided LETS MOVE DURING NEW YEARS. cuz what else goes better with a raging hangover than PACKING???

don't worry. don't flip out. don't let yer knickers get all twisted. i'm only moving about 40 minutes closer to the city. i'm not leaving Illinois! i'm just 'downsizing' from a huge townhouse that proved to be TOO much for us into a one-bedroom modest condo with gally kitchen in a suburb much closer to our friends (ahem. across the parking lot. yeah. they totally live in the same condo development) and much closer to family and most importantly much closer to the big bad city. but i'm not ready to take her on yet. not just yet. i need some more parrellel parking experience before i open THAT can-o-worms.

so i will be taking pictures (with my REAL camera, not my fake-out cell phone camera that's for lazy people like megot kinda bad quality.) and you'll be right there with me, on the front lines, as i go about my moving.

we're buying a laptop tomorrow. how exciting is THAT??? huh? huh? TELL ME PUNK!!!! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU!!!!!???????????!?!?!?!!?

ahem. sorry. obviously someone is excited around here. wonder who THAT weirdo is.

so my question is, all of ya'll that have laptops- which one do you have? do you lurve it like i lurve mah steaks? specifically filet mignon medium rare but more towards the rare side? do you hate it like i hate sauerkraut? does anyone know of a great (affordable) laptop that i should look into? i was thinkin HP. but that's just cuz honestly i know next to zilch about computers and usually my method of buying one consists of me determining which one is super shiny and pretty and that's what i buy.

halp! halp me! i am so terrible at buying computers! i want a nice shiny laptop that also works as good as it looks. i want to look at my girl and say, damn girl, you're the complete package. brains AND beauty. sigh. how did i ever get so lucky? let me show you how much i love you by taking you out for a nice steak dinner. specifically filet mignon medium rare but more towards the rare side. you know, warm but bloody.

and yeah. that's how i order my steak when i go to eat out. i actually say, 'warm but bloody.' heh.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Wow! Someone else who will be working the week of New Years! I thought I was crazy, but now, I'm not in it alone! LOL. Congrats on the new place btw!

The type of laptop you get would depend on what you planned to do with it? Gaming, Blogging, Media, etc. Knowing that will give you price ranges, the more gizmos and gadgets, the more expensive.

HP or Sony are great brands.

Have a Happy New Year!

T5M said...

My desktop is HP and I'm happy with it, my (work) laptop is IBM, I think - lenovo, or something - it's fine too.

I got Dirt a macbook for Christmas last year, but he doesn't love it as much as I expected, and they're expensive.

This year the kids got a cheapo laptop (acer) from Bestbuy (I think) - it was under $400 and so far so good, though we've only had it for a day and a half....

Good luck with the purchase, I hate making big purchases, I have a total fear of committment. I know I just spelled that wrong, but I'm not sure if I need to remove a "m" or a "t" - so I'm keepin' it real and leaving it all in. (too lazy to go look up the proper spelling).

Marchelle said...

i got nuthin for ya. i aint got one a them there lap tops.

but i would def go with pretty and shiny! maybe pink?

mollie said...

Mine is an HP and I love it. It is 2 years old and used a lot, and I have had no troubles with it. I cant believe you dont have a laptop!! You will LVOE LOVE LOVE having it!

Lindsay said...

I've gotta say, as a recent Mac convert - I'd go with the new MacBooks. I know, I know, you're used to a PC and it's going to be so hard to figure it out, blah blah blah... I felt the same way but I was WRONG!! After my HP crashed for the second time in 6 months and losing everything both times, I said enough! I got the MacBook 13 inch aluminum model and it's AMAZING!! It's super user friendly, really fun to play with and has tons of really cool features like iMovie and iPhoto that will make you want to blog every single day!
Ok, enough of my endorsement :) I had to de-lurk to spread the gospel that is Macintosh, haha!
Love your blog, you are hilarious girlie. And you have fab taste in music as well - I love Tori too! Good luck with the move!

Midlife Slices said...

I did some google searches for best laptop's 2008 and found some really interesting ones very cheap. But, I'm not necessarily looking for cheap as I am looking at durability and performance. We've got two Dell laptops and had a Dell desktop. The hard drives in all 3 crashed in just over a year. One of them we've had 3 hard drives far. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Mac so at least I don't have to worry about virus crap. Good luck!

super tweaky mel said...

gurrrlll! I'm excited for you and I've missed you!!!

First thing is first - great news about the move! I know its tough moving but I think you will be a lot less stressed with the shorter commute and smaller "home" - plus you won't have to bribe your friends to make the trek any more. Your words, not mine :) That is awesome you'll be in the same development!!! So cool!!!! I'm happy for ya!!

Now - for the lap top - I bought a Dell Latitude D530 and I really do love it! It works really well and its durable...The price was awesome!!!

I think this is the most similar to it on the market now - my friend has the D530 too - Our IT guy @ work recommended it. I'm really happy with it - and I do a lot of graphic design stuff - so its held up well!
(any of these but the second one from the left is most like mine I think)

Well you have a great day pretty!!! So happy for ya!

Mama Dawg said...

I can't help you on the laptop situation.

But I can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

I need a laptop too. I am JEALOUS! I also am moving. Gah. WTH is wrong with us?