Saturday, December 6, 2008

i officially hate you, blogger. you. suck.

so this pic makes me crack up. cuz i am the ONLY one lookin' at the camera, and i have this look on my face like... like... 'i am goin nuts and there's no goin back' kinda face. in a good way. anyway. take a gander at the few photos i could upload.

so i wanted to post some pics of the wedding and i was all excited that i could do this bc mom was nice enough to stop by and upload them while i showered and i was like YEZZZZZ and then?

blogger decided... lauren, you are on my crap list, and YOU. SUCK. or perhaps i don't know the most expediant way to upload pics that doesn't take LONGER THAN LAST WEDNESDAY. seriously yo, this is just too much for me. i have tried, MULTIPLE TIMES, to upload the most funny pic EVAH of vlad and i laughing during our wedding ceremony. V was all yo, what'd you just say??? and the officiant was like, huh? and i started laughing and then everyone laughed and Vlad was like man, it is HOT in here and i feel like i'm gonna faint and really? help a brothah out? (okay. he used proper English. but still. high-larious.)

anyway. uhm. so i wanted to put up tons of pics but blogger is being a butthead and i tried over and over and basically, it seems it hates the best pics i pick out. but i still got some!!!!

the "girl" side of the wedding party. from left: Kathy, my sister-in-law. who, i think? looks freakishly like me in this photo . i NEVER KNEW we looked so related!!! uh, yeah, weird. then we go to Natalie, the fiance of a good friend of ours. then Georgia, the awesome chick who cuts my hair fo-free yo! cuz she's awesome like that. and also cuz she's the older sister of vlads longtime friend and so has hap-hazardly become a close friend of ours. also? their mom rocks. just sayin'. shout-out, Angela!!! then me of course. then, Angie my aunt who might as well be my sister. she's also pregnant. we're all rooting for an "Olivia" and not an "Oliver.". yeah. she wants a girl. BAD. and last but not least, my other sister in law, Stacy. or Anastacia. she's a riot. and helps keep me sane thru all russian parties. we usually run off together and hide. every time.


this was the ceremony. yeah that's me. in the big white dress. i felt SO WEIRD being center of attention cuz i am sooooo not like that..... so i ended up laughing thru the entire ceremony due to nerves and the fact that vlad looked like he was goin' to pass out. in fact, all the groomsmen did. maybe it was hot in that room? really? it was? darned if i noticed. but yet again. i wasn't wearing like twelve thousand layers. (i'm glad i'm female and will never have to wear a tux.)(those things? brutal.)

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, i give you:

russian family!!! okay, from left: Art, or Arthur, who is Kathy's husband- see photo above- she was also first left- coincidence- then grandpa, who speaks no english. and then babushka. or grandma. who ALSO speaks no english. but they're still mah peeps. and then mother-in-law, and then father-in-law. he rocks a pony tail along w/an earring.
so, all in all i am sorry that i can't share more right now. honestly? i have so many pics to go thru, i'm losin' my mind. i am tired. it's about one in the morning. i'm tryin' my best. and trying to forward pics on to friends and... and... hotmail also hates me. blogger, you kinda suck really hard right now. and i will give you the benefit of the doubt that tomorrow? you won't be so cranky. cuz you're worse than me pmsing, yo. and that ain't cool.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

You guys all looked absolutely stunning!

Linda said...

Gawd Girl you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Dang! You and your girls look like MODELS! So beautiful! Can't wait to see more picts!

super tweaky mel said...

i really think you and your bridesmaids look like models. i mean - you are soooo gorgeous. WOW!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

What a beautiful wedding!! Seriously - beautiful!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

What a beautiful wedding! And an even more beautiful bride!

kels said...

so so so so so gorgeous! and that first picture?! absolutely LOVE it... and I love that you're the only one looking at the camera... tooo perfect. beautiful.

Mama Dawg said...

That looks like a fantastic wedding!

Ash said...

You my friend make one beautiful bride! And his sister looks like she's YOUR sister, for sure!

Thanks for sharing these!

THE Stephanie said...

#1 Your look absolutely gorgeous.
#2 If I'm ever in chicago (chicago, right?), we're totaly going for drinks. You seriously make me LMAO!!!
#3 The wedding looks like tons of fun :) seriuosly!!

Midlife Slices said...


Marchelle said...

A. you are GORGE-U-OUS. i just made that up, but it means you look really pretty.
2. get thee to and start to uploadin. you will never have to jack with blogger's uploading again. blogger is a photo retard.
C. i am going to do a post about the whole RSS feed thing and how someone needs to explain it to me b/c YOUR BLOG does not show up in my reader thingy and it drives me nuts b/c i want to know the second you post something and i can't just sit around on my computer 24/7 stalking you!!!

Lump said...

you are beautiful! and what an awesome wedding!!