Monday, December 15, 2008

forgive my tardiness, bloggies, i know not what i do (or something like that)

so this weekend was FULL of not-fun stuff. tons of it. fillied TO THE BRIM. turns out my father-in-law, the man who never gets sick, the man who installs a dryer on the 2nd floor of my townhouse in ten minutes or less (including carrying it up the stairs) the man who eats like a 17th century nobleman ( aka, holdin the drumstick and goin' at it) the man who everyone in the family turns to for support and stability....

had a heart attack on Thursday night.

i've been debating whether or not i wanted to blog about this. considering that he's at home now, safe, healthy, and okay, i figured that i could. thank god it didn't go the other way. on Thursday he felt a little faint while he was at my husbands shop and decided to go home and rest- finally, after much needling from his wife, he went to the ER where he had an EKG and lo and behold, he had had a heart attack sometime Thursday morning. and didn't know. he was immediately admitted and went into surgery Friday morning, where he had angioplasty and had two stents put in his arteries. he now calls himself the '35 yr old man' bc i guess that's the age of his heart now.

it scared the bejesus out of my husband.

so needless to say, this weekend sucked the big ol' fat toe. Friday night after work we piled in the car, picked up his mom and visited his dad in the hospital. next to ICU. scary scary thing. he looked like a bear in that tiny bed and it threw me for a loop. we watched the bourne identity and listened to my mother-in-law talk to every. single. nurse. we left around 10.30 pm and i was exhausted.

we were supposed to go skiing on saturday, (much to my dismay bc i DO NOT do sports of any kind. especially in snow.) but i woke up sick. like, can't-move-or-i'll-die kinda sick. so i stayed in bed. vlad went to go ski, but then right when he got there, he had to turn around bc his friends? yeah. they left even tho they said they'd be there all night. so vlad, upon arriving in wisconsin, promptly turned around and came home. while iw as getting worse and worse he went to help his friends move furniture and when he came home? walked in to find a really, really sick lauren. my face was so flushed i swear i was a tomato and my hair was greasy and going off in five directions, i was wearing mismatching socks, a sweat-soaked t shirt and i had glassy, bloodshot eyes. he promptly made me change out of my sick clothes and stationed me on the couch where i had a delirous fever-filled night.

woke up yesterday feeling much better but still exhausted. after a day running errands (curse you costco for being sold out of the starbucks gift cards, also? i am going to use randomizer to choosea winner from the pickle post bc i just can't be responsible for pickin a winner. CANT. DO IT.) we went to his parents house to visit with his dad, bc he was released yesterday. he looked good, healthy, normal, except for the I.V. tracks.

back home i vegged out and watched movies. extreme measures? is a super good late-90's movie. vlad had never seen it. i like hugh grant.

does anyone know any other good late-90's movies along those lines??? i'm feeling retro. (and please don't throw stones at me for calling late-90's retro.)

and this morning? yeah. ICE STORM ANYONE?????? freakin' flip man, it was NASTY, nast-tay outside this morning and the ice on my car? NEVER MELTED. the 45 minutes, 24.5 miles i was in the car driving, it. never. melted. and i had warmed it up for 30 minutes prior to leaving, too. that's crazy yo. i am so not looking forward to the commute home.

also? i have a case of the i-feel-like-throwing-up's this morning. lovely.

how are all of you this fine craptastic monday morning?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! So glad your FIL is okay. How scary! And you poor thing! Feel better!!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Wow, what a terrible last few days you have had my friend.

Glad to hear that your father in law is going to be fine. Sorry to hear that you are/were sick.

I am also sorry that you have had to deal with an ice storm...I will not tell you that it is 80 degrees here in Florida today...nope...I will not do that to you after the weekend that you have had!! :0)

Linda said...

Whew! That was close! SOOOOOOOO glad FIL is ok now.
Are "we" tryin to make babies? cuz the morning throwy upy thing... just sayin. OR it could be that you are still sick from Saturday! HELLO!!! fever on saturday, costco on sunday? WRONG. Wrong. Wrong!You're supposed to sit that boney ass of yours on the sofa and have Vlad make you some chicken soup! Girl you gotta learn to "work it"!
Hope you're felling better today. Scarf in the mail!

kels said...

awww, what a rough weekend. I'm glad your father-in-law is doing better though.. what a scare.


Marchelle said...

GOSH that sounds fun!!!!

geez-a-lou woman!!!! glad FIL is ok but sorry you aren't feeling any better!

we had some lovely sleet and ice this morning here near indy too. its GRAND living in the midwest in the winter, is it not?

Jenn said...

OMG I'm sorry to hear about your FIL, but I'm glad he's on the mend and hopefully has a full recovery. :)

And you? You need to get better lady! Fever-filled nights are NOT fun and I'm pretty sure you need to get better for Christmas!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Sorry to hear about your father in law. Glad he is home and on the mend. What a scare! Will keep him in my thoughts nd prayers.

Midlife Slices said...

Glad everything is o.k. at the Slap Happy household now. Hope the rest of your week is better than your crappy weekend. :)

Mama Dawg said...

sorry about the FIL and sorry you were sick. Believe me, I KNOW what you were going through then!