Thursday, December 11, 2008


oh. and i ALSO heard of a lil' german traditon of hiding a lil pickle in the tree.

yeah. uhm. i'm part-german.

anyone wanna explain this weird tradtion to me? i would be ever so lovingly in your debt.

ahem. that is. a starbucks GIFT CARD

that's RIGHT

all you peeps readin' me, a starbucks GIFT CARD

for twenty green ones, tellin' me, what is all about this pickle in the tree???

and i swear. promise. first person who gives me an explination why the heck a pickle is in a christmas tree????? will win a starbucks $20 gift card.

cuz i have an extra.

cuz ya'll? deserve to know what an espresso truffle is.


Jenn said...

So the German lore is that you hide the pickle deep within the tree and the first child to spot it/find it gets a nifty gift and super duper good luck for the whole next year.

Blaire said...

My family is German and we ALWAYS had the green pickle on the Christmas tree. Basically, my mom told us it was for good luck and she would put it on the tree the night before Christmas and the first one to find the green pickle on Christmas morning got an extra present. We also did an extra present for when family would come over. Mom would hide the pickle and all the kids would dart out looking for it and the first to find it received and extra present and good luck! haha

One year our pickle broke (they are pretty delicate) and my mom ordered a new one, the new one came with a little card telling all the details of the tradition. I remember it saying that the pickle is a way to get children to enjoy the beauty of the tree and all the ornaments without running straight to the presents... however we were always frantically looking only for the pickle... so much for that taking in the beauty huh?

Technically the pickle is supposed to get smaller and smaller as the children get larger and larger as to make it more difficult to find. We always just used the same sized pickle.

Hope this helps... I'm not sure if all the info is exact to tradtion... haha but this is what we did and it was FUN! expect none of our friends ever had any clue what we were talking about when we said "you know finding the green pickle"

kels said...

That's so funny that you ask that! When I was in Chicago last weekend, everybody kept talking about putting a pickle in the tree... and I was finally like, "WHY THE HECK WOULD PUT A PICKLE IN YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!?!"
I guess it's an old German tradition, of hiding a pickle ornament and the first kid to find it gets an extra present. Kind of a fun tradition especially if you're German!

Kimberly said...


You can learn and read about that tradition by visiting this link:

Midlife Slices said...

I've never heard of this before. A pickle??

Sweetbabs said...

I just popped in from Whitney's blog cause I saw you are going to Lake Geneva. I grew up around that area. Just wanted to say have fun.

Marchelle said... clue. sorry!!

oh, and i sacrificed you in the comments on country girl's blog. sorry! you dont mind though right? yeah i didnt think so. =D

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I know nothing about pickles in trees ... but I did want to say that an Espresso Truffle is ... heaven!

Mama Dawg said...

ditto what others have said. We're not German but we do this cause it's so much fun!