Monday, December 22, 2008

omgoodness ohmahgoodness i got a GIFT FROM A BLOGGER. and it is. awesome.

SO!!!!!! the other day, or maybe last week, or whenever, a ridiculously short amount of time for me to try to do ANYTHING crafty, like oh say makin' a gift for someone and then sending it to them so when they get to work monday they go SQUEEEE i got a present!!!!

from a person i've never met!!!!

and yet am totally in love with and read her blog all the time and yeah so that totally makes me a legit friend!

nanner nanner!

ahem. okay. movin' right along here folks. much to see. much to see.

Linda, lovely luminous Linda, over at Fat Cat Crochet did a wonderful thing for me. it makes me curl up my shoulders and close my eyes and go 'mmmmmm'.

she knit me. .. or... or did she crochet me?? (oh lordy i just realized that i was spelling 'crochet' as 'crotchet' and somehow i don't think she knit me onea THOSE so. ahem. spell check. thank you.) or .. or did she sautee me??? lord knows. but it did produce my now most favorite thing in the world:

okay excuse the bathroom shot it's got the best lighting. and yeah. so i could've been a grownp and worn real clothes, not my wonky pajamas that never match. and yeah. i could've been a grownup again and used my REAL camera instead of my camera on my PHONE but that requires like a lot of sittin' around while blogger DOWNLOADS the photos and i know ya'll want pics STAT so sheesh guys i'm tryin' ta do ya a FAVOR HERE. you're welcome. :)
anyway. LOOK AT THIS THING. it is sooooooooooooo super soft. i mean c'mon now, so soft i'm WEARING IT AS I TYPE. no joke. seriously. it is warm and soft and LONG and i love how long it is, i can wrap three times, and it's so delicous and wonderful and i love it so much but i think i love Linda more (and not just cuz she's my dealersupplier of all things scarfy) cuz she is such a wonderful person and she rocks and honestly, her talent? girlfriend, she has got TALENT. i am tellin' ya. amazing. they sell things like this for crazy money out here!

do you tie it in a knot? or tie it in a bow? oh btw, do yer ears hang super duper low? no? k. just checkin'.

HI LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at me!!!!! i'm wearing your scarf as i blog!! now how cool is THIS GIRL? dang i'm the super shizzzz. er. you are. cuz you gifted me with such an amazing thing. KINDNESS. thank you ever so much for sending this to me. it means more than i could possibly ever say, and you and i know i can talk a storm up and then some. thank you so much. seriously, ya'll, it is gorgeous and if i took a decent picture, i could show you just how detailed and PERFECT it is. seriously, my best friend who works with me (no seriously she is mah girl. love her.) were looking at it tonight at work, and goodness, the stitches are perfection. i haven't seen knitting(crocheting?)this good in a LONG time. reminds me of my gramma. :) thank you so, so much Linda!!!!

oh and to let all of ya'll know that this scarf was just in time...... this? was about a week ago. and in no way reflects the current state of affairs. bc right now? if i were you know not lazyinsane and decided to go out in NEGATIVE TWO DEGREE WEATHER, i would so show you guys. but. ain't gonna happen. sorry. i love ya, but i don't love ya frostbite-love ya.

oh and that? yes, say hello to mr. garbage can. that the mr. garbage can people so graciously tossed aside, pre-snowstorm, and just let hang out like that. my poor husband had to put on my boots and go after that thing. after the snow piled up double what it was when i took this pic. INSANE. hello, mother nature? (tap. taptap.) seriously? could you tone it down a lil? and also, tomorrow? that 3-5 inches that'll probably be like 6 for me since i live practically in Wisconsin and not Illinois? i would soooooooooooooo not tell on you if it was only one inch. mmmk thanks.


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T5M said...

That scarf makes me feel warm just looking at it! Linda rocks!

Anonymous said...

I am super jelly. It looks so warm and cozy!!!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Sigh ... I want that scarf. Maybe in brown. I've offered to hire her to make one for me. I LOVE it. And yeah, I know it doesn't really get cold here, but hey - it's been in the 60's and that's cold to ME. Oh - and all that snow? Looks really pretty. But, ahem ... I think I'd die if I ever was in cold weather like that - exposure, frostbite, whatever. I wouldn't know what to do. But it IS pretty ......

Marchelle said...

ooooohhh........i like!!! nice job linda!!

oh, and yes i got the starbucks gc and i had myself a peppermint mocha and it was to DIE for. like 'girl scout thin mints' to die for. yeah.

and i am going to blog about it (and another gift i won!) but as you know i am preocccupied with edward cullen right now, so i believe that to be a legitimate excuse.

thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Linda said...

Lo, you're so silly! But I must say I'm glad you like it so much. It's Crochet. And pretty much my first attempt at crocheted cables. I must admit, I'm pretty happy with the way it tourned out:)

Thanks all for the compliments!

So glad you like it Lo! It was my pleasure to make it for you. Merry Christmas! Stay warm.