Saturday, December 20, 2008

Third part, the end, fin, that's all i done did wrote.

so on to the last two questions. of the meme. that i did. cuz i thought. just maybe. someone. somewhere. would want to know what my favorite disney character is. (don't got one. i love them all. lady and the tramp. little mermaid. goofy. winnie. tinker bell. malificent. i love them all) what my favorite socks are. (white thick super thick athletic hanes. yummm.) which side of the bed i sleep on. (right. near the window. away from the door. cuz if there's an intruder i kindly let my husband be the hero. so i'm the last the scary robber gets to. ahem.)

so. Lump asked me these lovely little questions- and hello, Lump? uh, er... are you like RELATED to me? cuz based on these questions? you know me kinda sorta really well.

do you pick your nose in the car? am i supposed to be honest here? i am? really? oh, okay then. um. please turn your eyes away if you're squeemish. just skip past this part to the end. k? come back over tomorrow. k thanks.

uh, yeah. sometimes. i do. BUT I ALWAYS HAVE A TISSUE when i do. and it's at night when no one can see me. and. and. uhm. OH LORDY i'm sorry. i know not what i do when i have the bogger the size of miami in my nostril. some things you just hafta take care of.

do you shower after you take a bath? uh, i never take baths. NEVER. not unless the bathtub is brand new and i put it in myself and scrubbed it. i have a phobia of bathtubs. seriously. EEEWWW. bathing in my own vat of filth? no. thanks. bob. if i do take a bath i always shower off after. i had an incident when i was eight or so when we lived in chicago (the first time) and we had a centipede problem. cut to me jumping into a bathtub that a whole gang of centipede parts decided to chill in. yeah. THAT made me into a shower person and i never looked back.

if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? hmm.... like one particular DISH or one TYPE of food? cuz i would say mexican. if i had cholula sauce. i would eat just about ANYTHING with cholula sauce. also? durrrr. STEAK mah friend. steak. ah. filet mignon, you scantily clad vixen, how i love thee.

Country Girl asked me these... and they were probably one of the hardest ones to answer. took me the longest to answer, too. (cracking knuckles) here i go, friends.

1. what is your biggest regret in life? not being more confident. i think i let the chance to be something super great pass me by when i was a teenager. i was in california and i had the chance to be something and instead, i was too flippin scared to be my own person and to stand out bc i thought people would laugh at me. and i realize now, i could care less what those people would think. so now i have to work double hard to make up for my lack of confidence in myself when i was younger. having confidence and believing in myself are the hardest things i've ever had to do.

2. If you had a million dollars, what would you do? hm. i would LIKE to say that i would donate it all. hah! but we all know that i'm too selfish to do that. i would probably quit my job, buy my parents a modest house, pay off the inlaws house, buy a condo for Vlad and i downtown, put 100,000 into charity, probably an AIDS project in third world countries or education for children in third world countries, i'd go to Russia for a few months, and then i'd try my socks off to be a cop. a real cop. i really would. and if there was anything left over, i would pay off our cars, my parents cars, the in laws cars, and then put the rest into a sort of hedge fund.

wow, look how grown up i am!!!! oh, and, uh, (ahem) totally a new wardrobe. just sayin'. cuz i love me some marc jacobs.

would a million even GET me all that nowadays? i think i'd settle on making sure my immediate family was taken care of and that my mom and i could go to disney and i could do what i really want to do. nuff said. :) oh and charity. of course. :)

3. who do you admire? hmmmm. who do i admire. well. LOADS of people. including YOU, CG!!! i admire marchelle, linda, of course Ryan bc he totally rocks the socks off all of us, i admire everyone on my blogroll. seriously. otherwise, they wouldn't be there. most and foremost i admire my mom, bc she has sacrificed so much for me so that i would be able to have a slice of happiness. she really and truly is such a good mother but most of all my best friend and that's sayin' a lot. i admire her confidence and ability to be so strong and no matter what pushes her down she gets right back up. oh, sure, she's super snarky and sarcastic but hellloooo she's my mother, and based on me? she'd HAVE to have some spunk in her. i admire my grandfather rest his soul, for being such a typical italian white collar guy with a heart of gold. i regret that i never had a chance to know him. i DUH of course admire mother teresa, and i admire meryl streep. she rocks. and.... uh... hm. i think that's it. but a lot of people touch my heart daily and i admire and love each and every one of them for the good they do. especially my starbucks girl who hooks me up with extra espresso shots. i definitely admire her. :)

4. When you are gone if someone could pass on 5 words about you...what would you want those 5 words to be? "she tried her best, damnit!" heh. those are the first i came up with.

this is hard.

when i'm gone, .... when i'm gone i don't want anyone to stand around and cry for me. i don't want anyone to be sad, and lament my passing and feel that it was unfair, or unjust, that i left. souls leave. that's the one thing you can count on in this life, that you're going to die. sorry to be morbid, but it's true. our bodies are little carriers for our gentle and important souls, and i know that this body will give out on me eventually. when i'm gone, i want people to look back on my life and say, wow. what a beautiful person. i am SO glad i had the chance to know her. and then iwant everyone to have tequila shots on me and sing karoake and remember that no matter what? life is meant for us to live. i want to live it up and live it well.


Anonymous said...

Dude. You said it so right, you and I? Separated at birth. It's scary.

Linda said...

Awesome post! Way to go Girl!

Mom said...


I'm speechless (no, just kidding...that'll never happen).

You are the light of my life.

Love You. Mom

Mama Dawg said...

I'm like you. I totally do not want anyone to cry when I pass. I tell everyone to throw a party for me instead and wear bright colors for days while thinking of the happy memories we shared.

Lump said...

haha AWESOME. I so pick my nose in the car. I don't care! I go at it! ;)

and yes, STEAK. hello? I could eat that for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. :)

melanie said...

I think it's perty sweet that you love your mom so much and think so highly of her.