Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i done picked a pickle person.

so remember how i asked ya'll about the whole pickle thing? and you answered? and i was wowed? and floored? and amazed and my jaw dropped into my lap and i hugged my computer and danced around in the snow and sang little drummer boy?
or maybe i just said something like 'cool, yo' and went online to search for my own pickle ornament. for me, and a german friend of mine. who has a little tyke who's a little over 2 and would totally love to get into this tradition.
aren't these ornaments AWESOME?
okay. and i will SPARE YOU the saga that was my commute home. i drove basically about 27 miles IN TWO HOURS and fifteen minutes. but it's okay, bc i was off work at 3pm today bc of our very dissapointing employee lunch at MAGGIANO'S so if anyone in the maggiano's crew be readin' this post? only the mannicoti was good. but hello. alfredo sauce? is never bad. i take that back. but really. burnt salmon???? oh, SO not even going there right now. and i have to give you props, maggiano's, your calamari is especially scrumptious.
ON TO THE WINNER: Marchelle!!!!
and dude? i did NOT rig this contest. seriously. it came up with seven. and she was the seventh person to comment.
Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:7

Timestamp: 2008-12-17 01:43:32 UTC
i sat and tried to figure out this whole random thing and honestly? i think... i'm... maybe.... a bit slow. cuz it took me like two tries to figure out how to use the darn thing. you silly random.org you.
anyway. so MARCHELLE you get $25 to starbucks. and yes. i DID TOO buy the gift card tonight .promise. cross my heart and really hope not to die.
so. you wanna email me your address? to laurengailc@gmail.com? so i can give it to you? and write you a little note? and TOTALLY NOT stalk you cuz you know... you live in another state.
oh and also? having to pee while still about 10 miles from home and an hour later?
yeah. i don't think i've EVER moved as fast as i did when i ran into my house. nuff said. winter? you sorta kinda suck.


Marchelle said...


i am like SO TOTALLY excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because i had not clue one about the pickle, and my maiden name, creviston, is even german. so i THOUGHT i was a loser but you made me a WINNER! =D

ima emailin you now!

Ash said...

haha I must have missed that post because we're German and my family totally has a pickle in the tree!!! It's the same pickle from when I was little!

T5M said...

I have never heard of it, but I love it so.

Lump said...

hahahah dude those are the best christmas ornaments EVER.

wendie said...

i have a pickle ornament! i picked on up at pier one several years ago and my husband and i started a new tradition that year - the ornament is hidden and whoever finds it gets a prize. except, of course, my husband will find it because it was just the two of us for the longest time and he was the only one looking (i did the hiding). anyway...

so yeah, i have one too!