Tuesday, December 9, 2008

this is for you, Midlife Slices !!! more flowerpowerdetailschetails for ya.

and okay. the best i could do. but really? these flowers? are AWESOME. i totallllly have one sittin' in my livin' room next to my two strapping 3" nutcracker gents. and it looks mighty fine.

also? secondly? side note? apologies for being m.i.a..... havin' to go to the doctor and sitting in the waiting room for EVER is soooo not how i like to spend my monday nights. just sayin'.

and? although the new "female" (ahem) doc (ahem nurse pracitioner, same deal) is super duper cool and i "pink fuzzy glitter heart love her" (as i do love you, CG, as i do love you) is so totally awesome AND YET STILL?

the appt. was for 6.30pm. i ran my lil butt over there, after work, which lets me free at 5.30pm, to sit in traffic, i even called the dr's office to tell them i was runnin' late... they had no idea who i was.... even tho i had called earlier and made the appt... but whatev's, i'm a new patient, i get it, yo! i forgive. that is just my nature.

or. sometimes.

this time? nah. bc THIS TIME? uhm........ i wasn't seen until 8pm. yeah. you heard right. i thought there was an emergency BUT THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY (just had to put that in caps so if any of you peeps got to worryin', i'm a-okay. promise. pinky promise. girl scouts honor and all that) but i couldn't just, you know, up and leave bc then all the OTHER people there were goin' to whisper about me and i have anxiety and instead i sat there in pain, worried out of my blonde skull, thinkin' the worst, and FINALLLLLLLLLLLY. ta-flippin-dah, nothin' is wrong with me, i'm just a big ol' worrywart. which? honestly? is a-okay in my book. i'd rather worry than to not give a rats patootie (thanks mamadawg) about my own flippin' body.

but. uhm. ohmygoodness this was a post about all the amazing AH-mayyyzin' flowers my mom made, by hand. give her props, yo.

you take a jordan almond (an italian tradition at weddings, no wonder my mom wanted these so bad!) and you fold the little wire-rimmed mesh .. er... uhm... thingies (yeah i totally didn't help her with these. my bad. throw stones. it's okay. i offered to help. but somehow? my mom read thru that and was all, nah, i gots this.)(like. always.) and then you twist the fake flower stem, and then tie a bow with ribbon.

and somehow? you get that. bc i? cannot make one if my soul depended on it. and also? at least i managed to replace the almond that fell out of one of the flower-almonds that i have. i am THAT talented. i can twist ribbon wire.



Jenn said...

Dude, I hope you're ok!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

That is so pretty. Your mom rocks! I have NO crafty skills whatsoever. Not that I let that stop me sometimes but... oh well. Glad everything turned out OK at the dr.

midlife slices said...

Those are really awesome!! Your mom did good and thanks for posting the close up. Now I can sleep at night.....again. :)

Mama Dawg said...

Those are gorgeous and you're welcome!

Linda said...

Lo, those are so beautiful! Your Mom rocks! You could even hang them on the tree as ornaments.

Linda said...

P.S. glad you just freaked and your ok:)

super tweaky mel said...

wow - your mom deserves a lot of credit! Totally beautiful!!!

I'm sorry you had to wait at your appt. That is ridiculous. I swear - a lot of doctors totally piss me off with their keeping people waiting like their time is so much more important than anyone elses.

I'm just really mad at doctors anyway lately - a few weeks ago I had to go for my woman exam - and well, while she was down there she took it upon herself to test me for basically ever std - even though I am married and even though I had no symptoms or problems. I was pissed. I'm still pissed. I may even file suit - I had no idea and there was absolutely no reason for it!

Ugghhh - so I feel your frustration! I'm glad you are back though!

Lump said...

I go to the doctor for everything! it's always nice to know. ;)

love the flowers.

and you are so cute. your posts always make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Those are GORGEOUS! Glad everything is okay!!