Tuesday, December 30, 2008


so i've been saving up some ammunition for posting, thinkin' up all kinds of good topics to go over and mulling them over in my mind. mulling makes me think of apple cider. weird? probably.

anyway. i'm totally sick. dog sick. woman cold yucky snot i-sound-like-a-man sick. and where am i, you ask?

at work. yeah. i'm. at. work. sick. dog. sick. because. they. will. not. let. me. go. home.

yeah. that's all i got to say on that, bc i know myself and i will go on an all-out festival about it. so i'm not gonna say no more. not one thing. nope. (my boss is satan.) ahem.

i'm going to the doctor at 2.30 today, and i'm going to get tested for strep, and if it's not strep i'm going to dig my feet in the sand and refuse to leave there until they give me a zpack.

and if you don't know what a zpack is? oh, lordy, it is god when it comes to bein' sick but not knowin' what yer sick with. i'm all hopped up on sudafed which, by the way, did you know you need to see the pharmacist for sudafed? jeez lou-eezz. never knew that. my husband about had a spaz attack last night at the grocery store tryin' to track down sudafed for me. and he didn't get generic. if that ain't love, i don't know what is.

where was i? ahem. forgive me. i am kinda (a lot super duper) spacey right now. as in, i probably shouldn't drive my car. i think the only reason i haven't fallen fast first into my keyboard in a coma is bc of the sudafed. is that what they make meth out of? i don't know. i'm ignorant in all things meth. sorry. forgive me.

oh yeah. zpack. anyway. best. stuff .ever. you take one pill for 5 days and by day 2 you feel normal again. but trust me. take all 5 pills. cuz whatever it is you have, it WILL come back if you don't take the full run of the drug.

i dont' usually take drugs. i mean. not pharmaceuticals. only when i'm so sick i know i can't get better without drugs. oh and my thyroid medicine. did you know i had an underactive one? slacker. ahem. yeah. yep. i do. did. now i take medicine for it. and it made me not so tired anymore. props to the synthroid.

er. is this tmi? or not? i mean. it IS a blog and all. but. i dunno. maybe i should stop now?

someone please put me out of my misery. and give me designer kleenex. cuz this 'members mark unscented facial tissue white-2 ply' is NOT CUTTING IT.


Linda said...

Oh Honey, I'm so sorry your sick. Tell Satan that you are leaving and she can sit and spin if she doesn't like it. What's she gonna do fire you? Oh what a tragedy that would be. OK, OK, I know it wouldn't be good but still you could wipe your used kleenex on her phone & keyboard while she's not looking and give her whatever you got. Now THAT would be fun!

Mama Dawg said...

I HAVE to have Kleenex with lotion. If not, I get pissy.

Sorry you're feeling like crap.

Jenn said...

Dude, you have been sick for like.......ever! It seems like it, anyway! And you're probably saying, "dude, you're telling me!!" DEMAND that zpack today. You must have one and you must get better. I am missin' your posts!

T5M said...

Only Puff will do. Designer kleenex, I love that.

I'm sick too. This morning one of my direct reports called me before work and she sounded like a trainwreck and I told her to stay home and rest and take care of herself. I am not a satan boss, I'm a Jesus boss. :-)

Lump said...

UGH. so sorry to hear you are sick. :(

hang in there pretty lady!

Anonymous said...

Puffs Plus w/ Lotion!!! Like wiping your nose on a baby's butt. Wow, that was probably not the best mental picture to conjure up huh.

Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Moving AND sick? Dang. Sorry Lo. Srsly. Take drugs and pass out.