Thursday, December 4, 2008

so tired, so ho-hum, so... in love with sourdough. mmmm.

this? this right here? oh yeah. now that's the stuff. the shizz. the shizznit. the be-all-end-all of my tastebuds needs. SOURDOUGH BREAD. trader joe's. (did you know the russian in-laws call it traders joe? yeah. trust me, it can grate on a girls nerves!) i love sittin' down with a pat o' buttah and goin' to TOWN on these lovely morsels of sliced wonderfully tart tastin' goodness brilliance. yes. i love my sourdough bread.

so much, in fact, that i am willing, WILLING I TELL YOU, to show you my messy house. yes. this is my coffee table. right now. to the right you'll find the t.v. i didn't do a wider shot bc really? i could spare you my nonmakeuped face at this moment and my hot mess hair. but that? is butter. oh yeah. and me? yeah. i take the butter knife and slice out the top layer of that yummy butter(impersonation butter, but tastes exactly the same. another reason why i owe you my first born, joe the trader.)and then totally leave the used knife on top cuz i'm CURAZZY like that, yo!
or just a lazy blondie who can't even get the energy to climb the stairs to share the buttery messy goodness w/the world.
and yeah. so i buy Jewel-brand water. what of it? i guess you Figi and Evian peeps are too cool for school. (Jewel, in case you're not stuck in snow-laden midwestern usa, is like albertsons.. or rons.)
(yeah. i've lived all over the us)

okay. just to throw it out there- and for shameless ron burgundy plug- "i'm gonna throw it out there, and if you don't like it feel free to throw it right back" or somethin like that bc really? i don't have it as well memorized as my husband. who likes to scream CANNONBALL at in-opportune times. ahem. anyway. yeah. so those are my feet. in my fave blanket. i'm sittin' and readin mah book and to the left of me within lazy reach would be the butter tub and the bread. and did i mention wine? silly me. anyway.
this is why my husband, while he may piss me off from time to time? as i do him as well? this is why i think he's the shizz. dude brought me flowers. for no flippin reason. HELLO that's a-okay in my book! and not just flowers, roses. and when i asked him, why, babe, why??? did you DO something? is everything OKAY? did i do something and not REALIZE it?
he goes, in true guy fashion?

so... why'd you buy them then? (i'm a nosy thing, i am. or just down right suspicious. roses and it's not even valentines day???) (remind me to tell you the story about how i got BLUE dyed daisies that were flat on one side like fat kid sat on 'em in choir sorta way for v day.)
uh, they were at the store. so i bought them.
wow babe, i'm going to call up Jewel and tell them to start carrying jimmy choos bc this gal? could totally rock those babies till next sunday. just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Dude. It's the thought that counts.

Oh and if I EVER had to live without bread, I would rather just not eat. Fo reals yo.

mollie said...

I love me some Trader Joe's. Were you by chance drinking "two buck chuck"???
have you met him??
If not, I'll introduce you...

Anonymous said...

Girl you kill me!! And next time grate some fresh parmesan on that sourdough, pop in in the oven to toast a little!! HEAVEN!!!!

Linda said...

OK nothin better than sourdough, butter & wine on the sofa, under the blankie with for no reason roses! Except maybe cream cheese. maybe.

Mama Dawg said...

He's a keeper! They're beautiful.

And I LOVE sourdough bread myself! Yummy.

Ash said...

Flowers for no reason are definitely an awesome thought.

And I love bread and butter, especially pumpernickel unless it's Schlotzky's sourdough. That stuff with some turkey and cheese? IS AWESOME.

Lump said...

you are so fucking funny! "flat on one side like fat kid sat on 'em in choir" HA! my favorite line. :)

have a great weekend!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

bread is good. roses are better. but jimmy choos! Perfection.

T5M said...

I love flowers for no reason.

Luckyyyy (Napoleon Dynomite style)