Friday, December 19, 2008


phew. okay. let me get in position. let me get comfortable. because what i'm about to write is very important to me.

wish i had my keyboard at work. SO much easier to type on. thank you, backspace.


i just watched a movie. and yes, i know i need to finish my meme, the last two questions being the most telling about myself, but let me first say,

THE WOMEN????????????????????????????

best. movie. you. ever. have. to. see. and last time i checked, only one man follows my blog (Ryan, you are the shizzz, and will probably love this movie just as much as i did. bear with me here, mah friend) and hello this movie so needs to be seen by ALL OF YOU.

yes. i am talking. to. YOU. mah friend. YOU need to see this movie. it is THAT GOOD.


to the point that i just watched the 'special features' which i never do(okay i do but still, always dissapointing)and hello!!!!! this movie? all women need to see. it is EMPOWERING. it is MOTIVATING.

it makes me want to invite all of ya'll to my house to have a sleepover. and okay. i wanted to do that anyways. but really. this movie?


have you NOT stopped readin' me to go out and rent it? BUY IT?

HELLO? anyone there? (taptap)okay that's a good thing if no one is there. that means that all of ya'll (or ya'll'll as Marchelle, i am tryin' to make a new movement here!) have stopped readin' and have gone out to see this, or ahem rent it, or AHEM BUY IT it means that you have.

i heart this movie. i heart it so hard. it made me realize, ME is an important word. and i know, as a woman, i tend to put other people before me. tend? i scoff. ALWAYS i put other people before me. sometimes for the worse. because, there's a fine line between empathetic and caring and ... putting yourself last.

i am SO guilty of this.

and so, this movie? yeah. forgive my cursing, (earmuffs!!) but screw work. (yeah. i had a much better word for screw but for the sake of my good christian readers, we'll use screw) screw tryin' to bend myself ten shades of wednesday! screw breakin' mah neck for people who could give two shits! (apologies, readers. i know not what i do. or. i do. am goin' to hell.)

i am SICK and TIRED of livin' for other people.

how on EARTH could a movie shake my core this much? well, my friends, watch it. it is hilarious, i cried, more than once, and i'm watchin' it again. heck who am i kiddin'? i'm buyin' the damn thing.

this. movie. i sit here, i realize, i am worth so. much. more. and damnit, i'm gonna be even more than i ever thought possible.

cuz this girl? is just gettin' started. watch out, ya'll. cuz i'm gonna rule.


Linda said...

Well! This just went on my Christmas wish list! How's your weather there girl? Did that scarf ever get there? Your MOM reads my blog????? How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Awww...I will watch it, just because you said so (and I am on my own for a while)


Linda said...

OK that just went on my Christmas list!
How ya faring up there? Winter got you socked in?

Ash said...

Definitely been wanting to watch it!! I couldn't convince D to get it last night but it's on my to get list!!!
And here I was about to blog about how hilarious Tropic Thunder is, and you outblogged me with The Women, haha! But seriously Tropic Thunder had me rolling on the ground laughing!

Marchelle said...

really?! i mean when i saw the trailer when it came out i was like 'yeah, ok, that looks like it might be cute' but you are all freakin out over it and i feel like i need to go get it right now and watch it this second, and to be honest, i JUST bought twilight today (yes, finally, bandwagon, etc, etc) and i haven't even got started reading it yet and i have to take these things one at a time, ok?!

but i promise i will rent this and make my husband watch it with me. and he will. because he told me he woke up early this morning and armageddon was on and it was the scene where bruce was telling liv goodbye so he could save the world and he told me he was a sobbing mess. and he told me not to tell, so don't say anything.

sorry for the blog on your blog. =D we'll blame it on that peppermint mocha!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

I know that you did a post about this movie, ahem, that is why I gave you props on my blog for recommending it.

Thanks again, by the way, if it was not for your post about it, I would not have known it was out on DVD.