Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hateokay. so i may or may not be blogging right now. forgive typos. i know not whati do. and yet. it's called logging while sick.

i am on meds. do not worry. also? i feel loopy. ooooohhhhhh lawdy this is loopy.

ahem. and more ahemmm. memmm. me.m. mem.


i have many a pictures for ya, oumuzzzzz yah,which i guess means, amm. or uhmzz. you.

and notice their lackin presense. pretense. someone, PLEASE, give me a cold remedy that does not cause total lose of spelling.

seriously. cold medicine? and me? do not mix.... er, count this post in. dude. cuz i?

LOVE. CAPS. and the space bar. but i TOTALLY hate, hate, the uhm...

oh yeah. i love space bar.

and again.

totally although ahem hehehe LOVE the fact i just typled... ahem....

maybe me? and cold meds don't mix. or zythromyza-WHATVERAH-sin don't mix. erm.

i'm goin' to post this. and again, in the morsnin, yeah, i said MORSNIN, cuz i mistyped and all, and i LURVED the way it sounded- anyway, i am goin uhm is that a word? i'm fading. i'm sorry. blame it on the meds. my dr.dorky prescribed to me. more on that later.

do i make ANY sense? aw, lawsy, i done made mah self a lunatic.

anyway. i am so okay, don't worry just strep throat. i cannot, ever, take meds. they make me super dooper lupy. or like, lupy duky supy, or somethin like that. dang ya'll, i think i'm done in.

all in a days work.

(did i say that right?)


Mama Dawg said...

Oh, honey. You sound so loopy! But I hope the meds make you feel better!

Linda said...

Please tell me you are NOT at work! Cuz you can NOT be driving if you can't spell or complete a sentence! So Doc gave you something stronger than a Z-Pac huh? Thanks for thinking about us but really Honey, get some rest and get all the way better real soon!

Lump said...

awww hang in there!