Thursday, December 11, 2008

so i'm not sure i really have that much to say except....

i have ALWAYS been a die-hard christmas fanatic. like, TO THE BONE, don't EF WITH ME, i will slash your macy's bag to high heaven if you even THINK of cuttin' me off in line.

the wierd thing? this year... i don't even have a tree up yet.

I KNOW. DON'T STOP READING. I PROMISE that this is me typing right now.

but seriously.

and even more frightening? i don't think i'm goin to put one up this year.

I KNOW. who AM i, right???? jeez. c'mon Lo, put some elbow grease in and get that darn tree UP, dangit!

well, it seems, this year is a little hard. tied in with stress from my job, is stress from my husbands job. 'member him? yeah. well. Mr. Vlad is stressin' majorly with his business, that he runs amazingly and still blows the too-big socks off me by his business-runnin-suave-ness, and so this year, we really haven't had the time.

NIX that. we really haven't had the ENERGY.

cuz dude? puttin up a tree and all? damn! that takes time. time that i'd rather spend relishing, enjoying, lavishing in the love of my loved ones. time i'd rather spend cooking dinner for my husband, or talking to my mom about random stuff, or just... just... being. and donating. and giving to others.

and honestly? i can decorate like nobody's business around christmas time. i am a FREAK like that. i have two shelves, TWO in my garage donated to xmas alone. and btw? i hate the term 'xmas.' but it really is easier to type. and it may have been faster to just type out christmas instead of xmas but then you'd never know this about me and THEN where would you be???

oh lordy. i've done and did it again. rambling. it's my ... how do you say? (or type?) forte? i'm missing an accent mark. so shoot me.

please don't. unless you're shooting marshmallows at me and in that case? let the games begin!!!!!

but really? i am feeling so guilty about not coming home to a big ol' tree. and not posting about all the amazing ornaments i have. bc my mom? made sure that every. single. year i have been alive... i have a dated ornament for. my christmas tradition? goin' to hallmark or wherever to pick up the ornament 'of the year.' i loved it. and my mom? when i moved out on my own, she gave me all of my own ornaments (she now favors those fancy shamcy glass blown glittery expensive thingies) and now? i have enough for an entire tree. and each one? represents a year of my life.

honestly, if i could thank my mom for one thing this time of year? it'd be that. i am SO. GLAD. that she did that for me. and it's so something i'm STILL doin'. so this year wish me luck as i go out and find one. maybe .... a flip flop? maybe.. a snowflake? a santa? a... ihatedoinglaundry one? tell me your ideas!!!!! tell me what ornament i should keep my eyes out for. cuz i wanna know YOUR opinion. cuz i'm interested (nosy) like that and all.

and also? i TOTALLY still have the same 'the night before christmas' book my mom bought me as a kid. and also? i read it , ALOUD, every. single. christmas eve. and my husband used to roll his eyes..... but now? he listens. and LIKES IT.

oh, my friends.... envision me rubbing my palms together, evil kennival (how DO you spell that??) style.... he will love Disney just as much. mark my words. i will make him a BELIEVER.

in all things MICKEY. cuz hello? mickey? is the shizzzz. just sayin', yo.


Mom said...

Love you too, Pooks......

The Welcome Packet came from the Mouse.....let the vacation planning begin! We will convert him.

Marchelle said...

with a dog and two toddlers, and a tree that is bare on the bottom half, that has been knocked over only twice, i would be HAPPY to fed ex you mine.

good riddance tree!

Anonymous said...

What about a little like Charlie brown tree? Huh hUH???

mollie said...

It is funny...everyone is kinda blllaaaaaaahhhhhh....this year. I did put up a tree, but we are waaayyy paring down decorations, cards, presents..blah blah...
I want to make Christmas more about tradition(like your book thing) and less about stuff. hard when you have rugrats. They like stuff.
Oh-everyone has a christmas pickle ornament, right? It is good luck I think... Get a nice hand blown pickle ornament.ha! It will make you want a tree.

Linda said...

OK If you don't already have one (right) a bride & groom ornament or "Our First Christmas".
Second; don't be stressing about this. I think kids help parents get all Christams-y and it's tough when it's just you & your ELPH. Especially if ELPH doesn't lift a finger to help decorate. OK he lifts a finger to point out that the silver bell on the 3rd branch from the left is'nt centered. He's an engineer what do you expect.
Anywho! I cut way back this year too. I bought a pre-lit slim fake tree which only takes about a 3rd of the ornaments that the big fat one requires. It was up & sufficiently decorated in a couple hours. And with the new kitten I can't hang (read: dangle) anything like stockings.
Enjoy your Christmas in your own way. Even if it's with a good book & a glass of wine watching It's a Wonderful Life!

Midlife Slices said...

I should send you a tumble weed tree. Weird and wonderful at the same time, just like you. :) *wink*

Linda said...

I think if I had kids I would be more excited about decorating. Their excitment is infectious! The ELPH's not so much:)

T5M said...

My tree has been up in my living room for two weeks and we haven't decorated it yet. I just looks like the forest is beginning to take root in my living room.

It's organic, we may just go with it this year!