Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i'm a workin' girl.

guess where i am. yep. at work. it sucks. the big monster toe. (ew. gross image.) but yet i'm still here. very tired. very scrooge. very snarky. i'm still wearin' my knock-off uggs right now. yeah. at 10.12am. at work. i'm wearin' snow boots. you wanna know why?

THIS IS WHY. it is snooooowwwwyyy outside. and these pictures, dissapointingly, do not even portray the extent of it. up north by my house it's triple worse. i'm going to take some photos with a real camera over tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow i'm goin' sleddin'. YAY. i haven't done that since i was super young... back when i lived in pennsylvania. see that in the far distance? that's a huge massive dumpster for our offices. and see that snow pile? yeah. it's like, eleven feet high. CRAZY.

behold the magic of snow accumulation. this is a lot. that is a window. to an office. i'm standing in the parking lot outside of my office 'suite'. yeah. look at that. that's nuts!!

this is the parking lot, of you can believe that. to the right would be where you would walk to my office. do you SEE that snow? crazy. i am so tired, i have HUGE bags under my eyes so please pardon the lack of self portraits. that, and a car that i don't know started to drive slowly into the parking lot and that person totally saw me standing in the snow, with no jacket, taking pictures of myself.
yah. not exactly the most sane image ever. and then i ran off. uhm. excuse me while i hide in embarrassment bc i'm such a spaz.
merry christmas eve, everyone :)


Midlife Slices said...

Merry Christmas Lo!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. :)

Marchelle said...

i would rather have that than the lovely sheet of ice we had yesterday! and of course now its like 50 degrees outside and muddy. ???? indiana? your weather SUCKS.

but at least your snow is pretty!

merry christmas lo!! xoxo

Linda said...

No coat? What happened to that brand new coat you just got? ahem. and I believe you just got a new scarf too. Silly girl!
Have a GREAT time sledding! That is something I love to do and haven't done in like 30 years-yikes!
Merry Christmas!

Mama Dawg said...

Look at all that snow! I am sort of envious until I realize that I am completely inept in snow.