Wednesday, November 26, 2008

blonde moments and eye balls and.. and.. THANKFUL THURSDAY

so KD over at A Bit Squirrelly does a thankful post every single thursday. and this thursday, i thought, well, i'm all about readin blogs and all that stuff and.. and... i may be fresh out of inspiration for a 'real' blog post. so. here i go, on with alllllll the things i'm super duper thankful for this year:

1. my family. over this past year i've grown up quite a bit and i've grown into my family. i don't know where i'd be without them. and yes. i'm even including the inlaws with this post. and that is sayin' somethin, yo.

2. my husband. he puts up with SO. MUCH. i cannot even tell you. well. i'm not GOING to tell you cuz then ya'll might not like me as much hehehoho just kidding(but not. wait. i am. just kiddin.) but honestly he deserves all kinds of kudos points here bc ladies (and gents.. if there are any that come here) i? am soooooooooo not an easy person to live with. i'll admit it here. bc honesty is the best policy. and. all that jazz. i am selfish. seriously! i like things JUST SO (even if they're haphazard, they make sense in my mind and there's a system to my madness) and i only want to watch the movies i want to watch, i want to sit where i want to sit, i want that blanket, i want this to drink couldyoupleasegetitformethanks, i want THAT piece of steak, etc etc... i want i want i want. i have a serious case of the gimmies. but that man? he gets me. nuff said.

3. i am thankful that even tho i may not LIKE my job, at least i HAVE a job. i have a car, i have a cell phone, i have a roof over my head, i have clothes, i have my health and (part) of my sanity. i am thankful that in this economy, i'm taken care of.

4. i'm also very thankful that i do not have to cook tomorrow. THANKS MA!

5. i'm thankful that i have enough that i'm able to give it away to those who need it more.

so. what are YOU thankful for? mashed potatoes? peas? lollipops? why is everything all about food with me?? jeez. okay fuzzy pens? tinkerbell? fresh coffee? organic milk? uggs? huh? huh? WHAT are you THANKFUL FOR people!!??? i've just gotta know.

oh. yeah. that???? yeah uhm.... so i thought oh wouldn't it be cute to write a sign and hold it up and take a picture of myself and share it with the world and then i started to do this and i sorta mighta kinda got a little high from the sharpie and ... and... that happened. i'm sorry. i don't know why i'm making cute serial killer eyes at you. i really wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving, and i was REALLY serious about it. i wanted you to feel my good wishes emanating from my eye balls. my peepers. my baby blues. okay. i'll stop. promise.
(okay i said i'll stop and i'll stop. jeeeez.)

and THEN i came up with an even BETTER idea. 'i'll take a picture IN THE MIRROR in the BATHROOM bc that way , they can see my FACE and i won't look so crazy-serialkiller-stalkerish!! awesome idea lauren!! pat yo-self on the BACK!' and then i took the picture and then looked at it and went,
dude, i am SO flippin' blonde. cuz duh. the mirror? yeah. it sort of REVERSES things. in case you didn't know that. i'm lettin' ya'll know now. cuz i care about you and all.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda said...

Girl you're a RIOT! Oh and I think we were seperated at birth; the memememe thing, ya me too.
And with those eyes?! I'm thinking dark blue scarf & beret. Yup that's what I'm thinkin. Have a GREAT turkey day! Oh and learn something sweet in russian. Score MAJOR points w/the inlaws:)

Jenn said...

The mirror pic totally cracks me up! And "cute" and "serial killer eyes" don't go in the same sentence. EVER. Hee hee!!

Mama Dawg said...

You're too funny!

Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the serial killer pic.

Happy Thanksgiving!

melanie said...

Yeah, I see you're still way into that camera phone!
Happy Thanksgiving!

mollie said...

You are a NERD, Girlfriend. And I mean that in the nicest most jealous way. I WANT A NEW PHONE, TOO!
You are totally cracking me up. i am THANKFUL i found your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Girl you are too much. That is totally something I would have done. Happy Turkey Day!!

And PS...I still need your address so I can send you your gift!!!

Midlife Slices said...

You are sooooo cute!! dammit. *wink*

super tweaky mel said...

Super pretty!

I loved your list. A serious case of the gimmes made me laugh.

I'm thankful for a whole lot of things - basically the same as yours with a little different explanations - and then I'm gonna have to go with a big.... U


T5M said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :-)

THE Stephanie said...

Ok seriously girl, I'm dying laughing scrolling through what I've missed of your blog. You're freaking hilarious...