Friday, November 14, 2008

i. hate. formatting.

oh and another thing? the whole 'lets change the format on Lo's post just for kicks cuz it's so much fun and all to screw with the spacing and make her really unsatisfied and snarkily mad'?yeah. blogger? i hate you. i hate you so hard.


Melissa Ellen Tweak said...


i hate you so hard! hahahaha


T5M said...

LOL! I hear you! What's up with the spacing? We need to lodge a complaint with the fine folks at blogger!

Linda said...

I complained so much about how the formatting SUCKS on Blogger to the ELPH he gave me a book. "HTML for the World Wide Web". Yea, um, honey? I didn't want a book. I either want you to fix it, tell me how to fix it using very few, small words or just listen to me bitch! Thanks Hun, I feel better:)