Friday, November 7, 2008

oh, lordy be, all that is creamy and delicious, i never thought this would be so good. please take note of the Campbells Select Harvest chicken with egg noodles soup.

bc you? NEED TO EAT SOME. yeah, that's right, that's what's up, so EAT IT. BITE IT. swallow it! and LIKE IT!

er. uhm. ah...anyway.

so i was all hyped up on sicky tuesday and got this weird idea to go grocery shopping. yeah, when you have a fever you probably shouldn't be operating a moving vehicle. but that's just me talkin'. and also? i was there for over an hour. why, you ask? why good gracious goodness was i at jewel for over an hour?

it's called, having a temperature, people. i was soooo not in my right mind. (if i even have one of those.) in the meantime i thought, hey, soup is always good when you're sick. so i bought. uhm. about nine cans of all different kinds of soup. i got steak soup. barley soup. bean soup. chicken soup. tortilla soup.

oh, and about 2L of chicken broth which, when it's cold outside, which, if it ever GETS cold outside (hello? it's totally november. in illinois. where's my crisp autumn air?) i like to drink chicken broth. like on my way to work. or sumthin'. cuz it makes you warm and fuzzy inside and who doesn't like THAT?

okay so anyway. uhm. yeah. so right now i was like hm soup seems like a really GREAT wonderful shiny idea. nevermind that i'm not on lunch right now. nevermind that i have to try to eat soup while working (harder than it sounds). so i pop open a can and i'm all, oh, this totally can't be better than, scoff, MY soup. and then i sat down. and took a slurp. (burned mahself.) oh, lordy, this soup... this soup, it is... it's yummy, warm, it's FLAVORED with herbs not just labeled that it's flavored with herbs, it has soft big fluffy egg noodles (i just adore egg noodles. i seriously do. i eat them with just a stick of butter and some garlic salt. well. a lot of garlic salt. hey! i'm young! let me be crazy!) and chunks, i mean CHUNKS the size a' mah FIST, sonny, and well, chicken too. the chicken i could pass on, but then again i'm not a real meat-in-soup kinda gal. except steak. bc. duh. we all know i love steak.

uhm, anyway. so. the best part about this whole thing is that these things are AWESOME. heh. seriously. i know that's vague. but really. the can is 100% recycleable, they use soy ink (i don't know why this impresses me, it just does.) and the soup is ORGANIC. seriously. campbells canned soup is now trendy! who knew!

oh, you sassy little minx, you, i just LOVE the chicken with egg noodle soup. i want to BE an egg noodle. (think husband would have a problem with that?) i just ate all this soup that is UNDER 200 calories for the whole huge can, and i'm so full and warm and feel much better.

(if you're bored, go to, just bc. just bc it's so funny.) (is it wrong to laugh at a baby falling? oh lordy, i am so goin' to hell...)(but seriously? i don't really want to go there.)

(well, if they have this soup, i might. at least it'd never get cold. you know. w/the whole flames motif abbadon has goin' on.)


Melissa Ellen said...

I LOVE FAIL BLOG! Cracks me up!!!!

I'll have to try some of the soup.

You seems like you're feeling much better and that makes me happy. Maybe you infected the Biotch. That would be great Karma!

:)Have a fun weekend with your Russian!

Lump said...

hope you feel much better over the weekend! and soup sounds damn good right now. ;)

Jenn said...

That link was great!! What a hoot!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

You go girl!! I have to agree with you on your selection of soup. In fact, before I even read your blog today, I had purchased two cans of this soup this morning at the store. We love it.

Well, one can was the chicken noodle, for my man, and the other was potato broccoli cheese, which I had for dinner tonight. It was delish.

I am so glad that companies are wising up and making things that are natural. It's amazing how good natural can