Thursday, November 6, 2008

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to you!! to you!!!!

mmmm. mm. mm. mmmMMMMmmmm.

so last night i was feeling sorry for myself. i know. i know. TOTALLY not cool at all. i was in a funk. a big one. it all started with me getting sick. and then i had to stay home, and BE sick which was even worse. and THEN there was this big freak-out-olla by my supervisor (who, i will not spend time explaining, bc she is THAT EVIL and doesn't deserve ANYONE'S time trying to understand or listen to her. yes. she is THAT. VILE.) and she called me at home and told me that i was faking being sick, that i'm a liar, and that i'm incompetent, and i made this huge HUGE error last week that's going to cost the firm $30,000 big ones, and yadda yadda yadda, and as i'm trying to grasp what she's sayin', i'm all wha? huh? what are you smokin' bc ... again, huh? she wouldn't even TELL ME or explain. just yelled, then promptly hung up on me.

oh yes. she SO went there.

so what did i do? after shaking like crazy, crying, being speechless, offended, shocked, hurt, sad, and anxious... i called the big man. boss man. the owner of our company. to whom i am a personal assistant of. and i let it all out. how horrible this woman has been to everyone, and just went into what she did, how she made me feel, how uncalled for, unprofessional and not to mention illegal (i don't really think you can call me, when i'm ill, when i have a doctor's note, and proceed to ream me out for faking. nah. i don't think so.) the boss man then told me he'd call me back. and he had a meeting with her. behind closed doors. that lasted 2 hours. i won. and oh lordy does it feel good to win fair and square and clean. and hopefully this will stop this woman (or at least slow her down for a while) from hurting others. bc she does it far too often.

so. ever since, she's been avoiding me and honestly i can say it's for the best. yesterday i still felt very sick, just very slow and wheezy and oh-so-tired. i was pitiful by the time 5.30 rolled around. i literally felt yucky, nasty and icky. and on the drive home? i was paranoid i was going to do something stupid, so i drove with the radio down and the air on and hands at 11 and 3 and prayed that i wouldn't hit someone. bc oh lordy i was SO not fit to be driving on the highway. or driving at all. i think i may have been nursing a fever for the better part of the afternoon. anywho.

so when i got home, i was alone. so i took a really hot shower bc i felt so gross- being sick and a fever sweat can do that to a person- and i put on my most comfy jammies (flannel light blue with travelocity gnomes on them. yeah. my mom rocks.) and big thick socks and took the time to comb out my hair, put on lotion, and relax.

oh and i also tried TRIED tried to kill a spider that was seriously HUGE and i hate them and eeewww yucky and when i saw it i flipped out... and let me set the scene for you.... i'm stark naked as the day i was born trying to comb out my hair and this THING is bookin' it across the wall above the mirror. i FLIP OUT run out of the bathroom into the bedroom- and promptly run BACK into the bathroom when i remember that there are sheer curtains on the windows and i am SO visible, naked, running like a lunatic around my own house- i get back in there and i'm like, well, CRAP i'm screwed! i'm naked! defenseless! help! HHAAALP meeeee!!! then i'm like oh crap he's getting closer. since he's goin' so fast. so i grab the sturdiest thing i see- tampon box. i shake out all the tampons into the linen closet and then try to smack the damn thing but he JUMPS (yeah i know. freakish. uhm hello please don't jump me while i try to kill you. k thanks.) and then... and then... i know not what became of mr.spider. yeah. ew. he's somewhere lurking. and now i'm afraid of my bathroom.

so after that heart attack i mosied-on down to the couch where i parked it and read my book of the moment, "Dead to the World" by Charlaine Harris, the 4th installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novels which were the basis for the HBO show True Blood and are my current obsession and form of crack. i adore these things. i do. so i'm starting to feel comfy and sated and then husband comes home and we're both so exhausted, we just sit there. i have a glass of wine, which, while i may be sick, TOTALLY hit the spot. (it was boxed. pinot grigio. it's called "Angel Juice" hehehe.) and then we're like, dang it yo we're too tired to cook.

we were GOING to eat steak and fettucini alfredo. yeah. uhm. so at 8.30 he's like man i can't take it anymore MAN. MUST. EAT. so he turns on the grill, and throws on the steaks, and that is the picture i put above, the lovely, delicious, ms. delmonico, a cut of steak i have never HEARD of, until i was at Jewel on tuesday wandering around, sick and feeling down on myself, the world, bananas, (i don't know. roll with me.) i thought, mmmm MM MM steak. that always fixes me right up.

but alas!! they had no- gasp-filet!! oh lordy what was i gonna do? and the porterhouse? it was HUGE. and i am not a big fella. nope. i'm a 115-pounder, and while i love steak, LURVE it i cannot injest more than 10oz in one sitting. i am sorry, steak lovers, but my tummy is just not that big. so i'm thinking help! halp! what to do??

then i saw those beauties. marbled. bright red. a little blood pooled at the bottom. bright white fat nestling the yummy tender meat. (uhm. yeah. i should have warned you, maybe. i can be gross. graphic, i like to say.) ooohhhh heaven and all that is good and delicious, i had to have it. so i bought a package. with two inside. and it was $12.32. and that to me is a good deal for two big steaks. and i don't know about you folks, but me? i'm gonna buy me some more today. bc i just love steak. and it made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. today!!! so yaaaay delmonico!! you sassy vixen you!!!

so the moral of the story is i am a much happier healthier blonde today. my hair, speaking of, is actually behaving, and i like my outfit, and i actually look ALIVE today and not like a bus ran over me 50 thousand times. i have just a mild headache and that's about it. i am tired, don't get me wrong, but it's SO much easier to deal with tiredness when i'm rested. er. if that makes any sense whatsoever. last night i had a great sleep, very deep and i only woke up once. which is amazing, since i have insomnia and i have to take melatonin at night just to fall asleep before 11pm.

sigh. i am so content. i think i'm going to get some more green tea, the Lipton orange passionfruit and jasmine, and settle in, and maybe do some work, who knows, i might go crazy, and label some envelopes, cuz i'm nuts like that yo.

have a great day bloggerworld :) and eat some steak :) only if you want to. :) but really.:) YUM


Mama Dawg said...

Glad you're feeling better. Nothing like a little protein to perk you up, eh?

Melissa Ellen said...

SHe sounds like a total biotch. Glad you won though. I'm also glad you are feeling better! I get that way when I'm sick and drive too - I get all freaked out I'm going to hurt someone and myself.

I love steak. I'm just not 115 anymore. HAVE TO CUT BACK! I'm dieting though so when I get there again - Its game time Delmonico style

Have a great day - and stick it to the wo MAN!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Man, your supervisor sounds horrible. I am glad you got that straightened out, though. What a livin' nightmare. And when you're SICK?! Wow.

Sounds like you have had an interesting past few days, girl!!!

Linda said...

I was sooo thinking "Go over her head!" Glad you did. I think I had her evil twin as a boss a few years ago. My transfer out of her department was in the works when she went in for some kind of surgury and DIED! Yea. How crappy did I feel? Really crappy...for about 9 seconds. Then the Wizard of Oz song "the Wicked Witch is Dead" came into my head ans I felt like doing back flips and then I felt lower than amebas in pond scum. Yea. I'm going to that Special Hell.

Kimberly said...

Lo... I've dealt with stupidvisors like that before. I'm glad you won the battle.

Spiders? Bring'em On! I'm just nutz that way, yo!

Steak, medium well done, Yummmm.

I'm glad to read you're feeling better. (=

Midlife Slices said...

Girl, you make me laugh and make me exhausted just reading your blog. LOL