Monday, November 3, 2008

do any of you guys ever feel this sense of.... displacement?

and yeah. spell checker, i KNOW it's not a word but work with me here, k? ...wait. that is a word. whoa. i'm totally spell-checked illiterate.

tonight i had dinner with my mom. which was great, amazing, SO NICE beyond words i cannot relay to you the greatness.

and now i am home, alone, bc my husband is working late hours and i'm thinking to myself, what do i do when i'm home alone?

i sit with my cat, we read(okay i read, she purrs)and i think to myself, isn't there something MORE i should be doing?

and so, i blog. and i think, maybe i shouldn't be posting this, bc it's just a tad existential and bear with me, but really? for me....

i sit and read, and i think, ...what else? i think, well, maybe i'm goin' too deep for this blog. buti write to you, o' internet world of the wonderful and delicious, why am i here?

isn't that the great question of forever? forever and all that is delicious and yummy?

k. i'm tryin' to keep it light, yo. but really. i am feeling lonely down to my bones, and i thought, isn't a blog a place to be totally honest? brutally so?

so. i wonder. why am i here? why am i blonde? why am i, stuck in a job that i seriously do not like... why do i stay up late... why do i eat too much ice cream..... where is this post going???

i am tired, i am happy, i am lonely, i am content, i am........ i don't know what i am.

at least i'm honest. night, ya'll.

i just really wanted to write. something. anything. bc i am so lonely, and sad for no particular reason, i just thought, hey, why not! why not. bc blogs always make me feel better after reading them, and realizing i'm not so alone.

so once again. at least i'm not alone. night, ya'll.


Midlife Slices said...

Girl....all that yummy and delicious ice cream and empanadas will catch up to your skinny ass someday. Trust me. :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

VOTE for the person you think will inspire the country out of its malaise towards the democratic process. it's your choice!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i liked your comment on country girl's blog

Linda said...

Ah to be a skinny assed twenty something home alone with a bucket of ice cream and a good book. *sigh*

Mama Dawg said...

Girl, I was feeling that way the other day. And I'm 31. I hate to tell you that it doesn't completely go away but it doesn't come as often the older you get.