Saturday, November 22, 2008


so maybe ya'll were wondering why i named my blog 'slap happy.'

it's bc of this:

ME. RIGHT. NOW. dude, i am SOOOOOO bored i'm seriously wandering around my house turning pinwheels and contemplating if i have enough room in my foyer to do a cartwheel. (answer, no i don't. learned the hard way.) i've been home alone allllll day bc Vlad(the husband), after working this morning at HIS auto shop, decided that he needed to finish his new toy that is more expensive then two of MY cars car and jammed the convertible hard top while trying to wash the car. yeah. so he's been at his DADS shop since.. about 2. and it's now... er, around 6.30, 7 give or take.

so anyway. back to the important stuff. ME. :) so i have this obsession with having marathon sessions where i watch really super duper delicious and gooey tv shows, all the episodes in a row. this sort of happened when we lost cable the first time(we're now w/out cable for the second time. sigh.) and i had nothing to watch and i wanted to pretend i was watching tv. (trust me, after 2 months w/out tv, when you get to see a commercial? yeah. you squeel with delight.) so i started renting old seasons of t.v. shows.

cut to me now, two years later? yeah. i have a super huge addiction to Heroes, Prison Break, 24, House, ER, Firefly(in all honesty i loved this show for soooo many years and when the movie came out and i didn't even KNOW until i saw it hidden on the video store shelves??? oooooo, more squeeling, my friend. yes indeed.) Samantha Who? and many many more that honestly i can't recall bc of a brain strike and all.

so yeah. ANYWAY. the whole point of this blogorama is to say, Jack Bauer? oh, i so heart you, so very, very much. i'm currently on disc 2 of season 5. ooohhh i forgot how much i missed the beep.. beep... beeeeeeeeep...beepbeepbeepbeeepepepepeepepep ing noises or how delicious it is to watch an hour and have it BE an hour in tv land time, and... and... oh i just love Jack Bauer. remember in season 4 when he was forced to go undercover and get tatted up and start doing drugs? remember when his annoying daughter was on? god i hated her. i am SO glad he ditched her. remember season 1 (yes oldy but goody) when President Palmer touched that nasty rank stuff and totally fried his hand and they thought he was gonna DIE????

do ya? DO YA? huh? punk? do ya?

oh, lordy i just love staying home on a cold saturday, curling up with my cat, eating random things like scrambled sante fe eggs (that's southwestern egg beaters, mixed w/a little taco seasoning and some dice jalapenos, add on some chalula hot sauce? yer in business mah friend.), a helping of double-layer nachos, (shredded cheese over tortilla chips and you have to eat it SUPER fast otherwise the cheese gets hard and it's gross. and yeah. i still eat it then, too, bc who wastes cheese??? madness), cheese-in-the-can, a slice of salami that made you realize it should've been thrown out 3 days ago, (yes i spit it out. i am no animal.) and two YES TWO red baron deep dish mini pizzas. just bc i live the tangy sauce.

oh man. just got a craving for kraft spaghetti. oh nooooooo!!!! but i refuse to actually cook real food today. today is allll about the microwave.

er, anyway. yeah. so i love sitting at home and intermittently reading, then watching, then noshing, then watching, then reading, then just starin' at the ceiling... cuz i can, that's why.

so, just wanted to update you on my slug status, in case you were wondering. cuz i'm cool like that, yo. peeps are wantin to know my whereabouts. or. something. hm. and then? when Vlad gets home?

ooohh, yeahh...... it's on like donkey kong my friend bc i? am havin' steak. NUFF SAID.

happy saturday ya'll!!!!!!!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

You are so energetic, you're making me tired. LOL Enjoy your tv watching and your steak. That sounds much better than Russian food.

Ash said...

i seriously heart you. YOU LOVE 24?! I LIVE FOR 24!!! Jack Bauer can be my baby's daddy any day, along with Tony Almeda!! Yum..

And Chalula hot sauce is the BEST ever. Love it on my eggssssss

midlife slices said...

O.k. that last paragraph concerning donkey kong and steak. TMI. LOL

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

I'm a huge fan of Texas Pete - on pizza, chicken noodle soup, eggs, anything really :)

I love your posts - you and I have a ton in common - when Chris is away - I totally love watching marathons! Its funny :)

My fav - HOUSE! I love love love House! I also LOVE My Name is Earl! I have people in my family that remind me of the characters!

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

i'm changing my domain to

you can also get me at until its ready!

Linda said...

Firefly!!? OMG! ILOVEFIREFLY!!!! My brother bought me the whole series and the movie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I watch it at least once a month! All of it!

Marchelle said...

you are my hero. because just yesterday i said to my sister "remember before we had kids? know what i would do tonight if i didn't have any? sit on my arse and watch TV til 2 am and eat whatever the heck i wanted and then sit on the computer for a while and then go watch some more tv and maybe fall asleep or not because i wouldn't have to change any diapers or wipe any faces or make any sippy cups."

so yeah. you are my HERO. and you know i love cheese and i would marry a filet mignon if it was legal.

oh, and i had me some bacon today. mmmmm-mmmm.

Amy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from Vintage Thirty and what a post to start my experience! You sound just like me when I have a day to myself, eating weird and random stuff and watching guilt-free tv, although my pleasure is Law and Order. Did you see the 2 hour movie for 24 on tv last night? I love me some Jack Bauer!

mollie said...

me love some Jack bauer, Too. I FORGOT TO SET MY DVR FOR THE MOVIE LAT NIGHT! I guess if you dont have TV, you probably missed it too. Bummer!