Monday, November 24, 2008

manic monday meme

Manic Monday!!!! which can be found here , has a fun meme every single monday. why not have a little fun this morning?? :)

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? What do you talk about?
uhm... in all honesty yes i do. and usually it goes something like, 'cursecursecursecursecurse.' in my better moments, it's when i think i'm talking to someone but they've already walked away... and i say, 'hello? am i talking to myself? (pause) yeah, i think i am. (pause) and still am. okay. i need to stop now.' othertimes it's mostly just me complaining or being snarky.

What stresses you out?
when someone i love is unaccounted for... i.e., husband driving home in snow storm and his phone is dead and he's 3 hours late. yeah. that stresses me out. also, when laundry starts to stack up. also dishes scattered haphazardly around the kitchen- i think clutter, in general, really freaks me out. also my morning commute bc i live 25 miles away from work and i never know if it's going to be bad or not. and.... being late. i flake out a lot, and then i get stressed.. i'm generally kind of high-strung.

What are your secret talents?
i'm double-jointed, so i can twist my arms around really weird. my elbows hyper-extend. also i'm freakishly flexible and can put my feet behind my head and can still do a damn-fine scorpion even tho i haven't cheered in six years.

(this is a full-scorpion stunt, this is not me, all of my cheer pics are in dusty photo albums at my parents house. and i don't even know if i have a photo doing this. hm. now i really have this odd urge to go home tonight and do one in the mirror. heh. if you don't hear from me tomorrow, i may have popped my leg off.)

i'm also very good at editing. scripts, movies, etc... it's this sick thing. i don't even enjoy doing it... but i'm freakishly good at it. also i'm SUCH a visual person, that i almost have a photographic memory... but only for stupid things like what you wore 3 weeks 2 days ago, etc.

also? if there was a job for spotting mistakes and prop inconsistencies in movies and books? dude, i'd be rakin' it in. never fails i ALWAYS notice if something's missing, changed, wrong order.. cups full are now missing or empty, they grab something twice in one shot when they're meant to grab once.. okay if this is uber boring and i've lost you.. sorry. it's this weird quirk i have and my husband gets a kick out of it.

so what about YOU??


Jenn said...

I do the saaaaaame thing in movies/tv shoes with spotting inconsistencies.

super tweaky mel said...

I think I'm going to do this today too.

Did you find your camera? Please take a pic of your scorpion move:) and thats really neat about you spotting prop inconsistencies! Really cool.

I think you are an awesome person and I really love learning more about you. You are just so neat!

Linda said...

if there was a job for spotting mistakes and prop inconsistencies in movies and books? Doooode There IS a job like that!! Totally!
Oh and the scorpion thing- hate you. (kidding!) the poppin your leg off? LMAO!!!

Megan said...

Ohhh!! I did the scorpion in highschool.. I don't know if I could do it anymore.. I haven't tried in years! You should totally try! I liked this meme!

Lump said...

oooh I talk to myself all the time!! people at work think I'm crazy. ;)

Mama Dawg said...

I ALWAYS talk to myself out loud. And..I answer my own questions!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I was just talking to myself the other night in the parking lot of my office. I usually confine this sort of conversation to my home but on this particular night I was just letting the crazy out for anyone to see. Fortunately for me I'm the only idiot staying at the office til 8:30 these days. *sigh*