Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day.

these uniforms were part of my daily life. well. cammies were. but these dress blues? sigh. whenever i see a marine in dress blues in my day-to-day life, now, i usually stop and feel my heart getting bigger and my eyes get a little wet. see? they are right now. damn.
My dad was a United States Marine Corps Sergeant Major for 30 years. i was very, very lucky that my father never had to see war face-to-face. oh, he almost did, quite a few times, but there was always someone watchin' over us (thanks, grandpas) who would, last minute, make that trip not happen. one time he was even i think, ON the plane headed for desert storm when they pulled him back. he retired in 2003, right when the war in Iraq was starting to get heavy.
thank you to all of the soldiers, even if you're not a Marine per say, (although i will always heart the Marine Corps more) for protecting our country. for serving overseas. for standing in the line of fire to protect me. my mom. my neighbor. the milkman. the jewel checkout counter lady with the bad hair. the president. yourself. bc without you this country probably wouldn't be here.
i am damn proud to say that my father served this country. he is a very brave man who was not afraid to give his life, for 30 years, to this country.
Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you.


Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

Tell your Dad and MOM that I am thankful for both of their sacrifices. Also, hug yourself from me for giving so much in your own way to our country. You really did. You went through a lot. I know how that feels. Children of veterans are veterans too!


we are so crying buddies - I didn't want to say anything - but your last post sooo made me cry!

Mama Dawg said...

Although I don't like my ex much, he was a Marine and I still get weak kneed when I see one in their dress blues.

Mama Dawg said...

I'm going around the weekend of Memorial Day and staying hopefully for 10 days. I haven't booked yet (gotta wait til after I file my taxes so I have the cash). And we're going to World. Gotta have my Epcot!

Mrs. G. said...

Thank you, Veterans. Yes indeed.