Friday, November 14, 2008

tgif and wow that made me feel twelve again, waiting for Goosebumps to start on t.v.

so as usual, my mind is in 50 million trillion majillion directions. or maybe just 3. but whatev'. same diff'. anyway.

so all day i've been perusing the blogs, working (yes i do too work! swear! girl scouts honor!) , eating, daydreaming and all the while thinkin, oh lord what am i going to write about today???

bc i've been tryin' to be good and all. you know. posting. daily. even tho, let's face it, who has something uber interesting happen to them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.? well. i'm sure someone does. like if i lived in new york city. maybe. cuz then there'd be at least, you know, people in the streets doin' what they do... jersey guys sellin' their hot dogs and yentas chillin' in their lawn chairs and chess games and those cool kids who play the buckets.. okay i don't know if they have them in ny but they sure do have them here in chicago...

oh. oops. after a google search just realized these guys are pretty famous. they even play at Bulls games. and are called "Chicago Bucket Boys". but i'm pretty sure there are street drummers all over the world. uhm. anyway. yeah. so people are OUT in new york. me? i live in the suburbs.

the faaaaaaaar north suburbs, to be in fact. the wow i'm-in-wisconsin suburbs. which is okay. don't get me wrong. it's just... well... when i wake up in the morning the only people i see are the kiddos on the school bus then it's the people i work with. and lets be honest here, folks. i see these mugs every. single. day. so excuse me if i'm not jumping with loads of excitement and joy at seeing them.... again.

it's just.... i dunno. nothing has happened to me today and yet a whole bunch has happened. like right now? totally eating popcorn. that's right. what of it? you jealous? that's what i THOUGHT, yo! ahem. er. anyway. so. to sum it all up, my dad works for a high-tech software company downtown. like, forecast software that is pretty popular right now.

and his two boss's are married to each other. we'll call the wife freak and the husband spaz. they're seperated. and yet living in the same condo together. still. and working together. needless to say it's a stressful environment for the most part.

ANYWAY. my point being. Freak wanted to come to the wedding but was afraid Spaz was going to be there. not wanting to cause a scene, she smartly didn't go. well. cuz they're not talkin' and all, Spaz was doing the same exact thing. or maybe just flaked out. he is Spaz, after all.

so long story short Freak was all, dooode i need to get them a GIFT! and then two months later i have this:
YES! Freak bought us a Wii!!!!! how awesome is she?? i mean, for real dude! niiiiiiice!!! and my mom is awesome enough to swing by my house after work today and drop it off. so when i get home i'm gonna walk into a Wii sitting in my foyer. and i'm stoked. i'm gonna play it. well first i'm gonna see how the heck you install the thing. and then see just how mangled and stupid i can make the whole process bc i'm totally not an instructions reader and i'm sure it'll be all
'dooode i can SO do this.'
'DUDE! it's like the wrong wire, man!'
'yo. dude. this is lame. i hate these wires.'
'no seriously? seriously. what. the . ef. for reals.'

at which point i'm sure i'll get pissed off, stalk off, grab myself a beer and come back to try to figure out what in the world i was thinking when i did what i just did. (this happens a lot.) i figure we'll hit up Game Stop for some gently used accessories and then Wii the night away. Wii ourselves silly.
(on a side note? i do have a strange affinity for setting up camping tents and figuring out how to put together furniture that comes with no instructions. i have no idea what this says about me but i'm kinda glad i don't know.)
oh, and another thing? it took Freak over 2 months to get us our wedding gift. is that normal? or is she just operating in normal Freakster mode? i think the latter of the two. just bc i like to call her a Freak. Freakazette. Freako. Freakedness. Freaktastic.
okay. i need to end this now or else no tellin' where i'm gonna go. happy friday, yo!!!!!


Mama Dawg said...

Maybe it took her that long to get one. I hear they're impossible to get.

I'm so glad you got one. I'd love it but I can't afford it. My daughter LOVES the tennis and the bowling.

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

thats a cool gift! i so thought it was going to be money. husband and i just went to the courthouse so we missed out on wedding gifts.

you have a happy friday too - i have never played the wii but I hear its fun and I really really wanna try it!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Alright so I left a comment yesterday and then when I went to post it, it totally vanished into thin air!! Poof!! It was gone.

Here is what I said, in a nutshell. Great gift of a Wii. I just ordered one from QVC. Waiting patiently for it's arrival...well, semi-patiently anyway.

Let us all know, out here in blogland, how you like your Wii. Tell us (me) your favorite game...I will have to buy it and try and beat your score!! :0) I am serious.

Midlife Slices said...

Dooooode, you got a Wii!!! We won't be hearing much from you for a while. It's kind of like crack and takes on a life of it's own. I've been at the HOpelessly Addicted But Can Get Their Wii Back...Betty Rubble Wii Clinic because I still hain't got me Wii back from me offspring. grrrr.....

Anonymous said...

You totally lost me once you mentioned the Wii. My kids want one SO BAD and we are mean and not buying one, even though my bro has one and they are AWESOME-NESS.

I am jealous.

Lump said...

oooh I want a Wii!! I would tear that shit up! :)