Friday, November 7, 2008

sassified and frost bitten.

uhm,... so i totally sort of jinxed myself,.... bc.... i just went outside to the post office box... which is right in the parking lot at work, and oh, my, sweet, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce, was it..... COOOOOOLD.

it is officially now autumn but i think it's a slippery fast slope down into winter, bc the wind? oohhh, goodness, the wind just cut right thru me. when i got back inside, my HAIR felt like ice. how crazy is that?? and my knee? my poor knee? it is SO not rockin' the party if you get what i'm sayin'. it is royally PISSED.

winter? bite me.

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Melissa Ellen said...


It makes me angry. I love the pretty leaves in VA during autumn. Winter can talk a hike for all I care! (as long as I still get the holidays - and yeah I was born in January - so as long as I was able to be born)

You crack me up!