Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what else... rambling and steak talk....

oh holy hell, i am so tired. so i don't really know where this particular post is going to take me. i went in tons of directions in my brain and was all 'gotta get it together' and had a team meeting and a power point and a huddle and a GO TEAM GO but still?

nah. just not feelin' it today, i guess.

but yesterday, i wasn't really feelin' it either. and i didn't post. and this morning i was pretty damn disappointed in myself. i was being lazy. self-indulgent. selfish and greedy, bc here i am sittin' pretty all day long moaning and groaning when OTHER bloggers don't update daily. (oops. mah bad.)

so, k. kkkk. i almost did three k's but you know then who knows who would land on this blog thru a random google search? anyway. uhm. so work today? sucked. is still sucking. oh, wait, i think i know. was it the meeting from hell where i was told i don't do my job and i'm a lazy sow the admin meeting this morning? hm. uh, YEAH, pretty sure that was it.

i walk in this morning and Satan my supervisor is in rare form. or maybe. she's in her mean nasty snarky-and-not-in-a-good-way groove. we have an impromptu meeting and she proceeds to compare me to one of her friends that has my position over at Wachovia.

yeah, uh, this place? ISNT WACHOVIA. if i worked there i'd be doing a different job and i wouldn't be workin with YOU so i'd probably remember to refill the utensil drawer (which anyone can refill. and should be treated like paper towels or toilet paper - you use the last of it, you replace it. but not her. ooohhhh no.) instead of dreaming of earplugs and a nice stiff drink to get me thru the rest of the day.

so from that point on i've been sort of directionless, hemming and hawing and guffawing (sorry. couldn't help that one.) over how all-over-the-place i'm being. can't help it. so i decided just to embrace the day as one where i don't finish what i want to and end up finishing stuff that i didn't even mean to start. i accomplished stuff, but not the stuff i needed to... but today is only Tuesday and tomorrow is another day and this, too, shall pass and all that jazz and cookies.

since i want to be OUTSIDE where it's WARM, i went back and looked at old pics (the only ones i can access from work, very small selection) bc i wanted something to put up here that reminded me of summer and sun and bikinis and ice cream and lake geneva and salt water and camping.

so we have a picture of me, CAMPING. now, everyonemost people think i'm incapable of camping. i don't understand. i'm fun-luvin'. scatter-brained. i like adventures. and i can assemble stuff in a really record-breaking time(even while drinking). i guess it has to do with oh i'm kinda a girly girl.... but i love to camp. LOVE. IT. (if there's an air mattress.) also? i? am the tent-putter-together extraordinaire. here is the proof!!

and yeah, i know i was camping in a skirt. jeez. why ya gotta hate?

so then i'm like hm. this one is pretty freakin' funny. plus you see ALL of my teeth which.. i don't know how i feel about that, really.

i was all, "no! no! don't take mah pictah! oh the insanity!"

okay. really? i had a leeeettle bit to drink and i was actually sayin, 'SHUT. UP!' at something funny someone said and that's when my lovely husband took this gem right hurr. yeah. but since i'm a good sport and a team player and all, i put it up here so ya'll can go 'dooooode. what a tool.' and get a laugh. or crack a smile. or scream. i dunno!!

what else? hm. i'm tired, cranky, being lazy, complainy, can't wait to get home-y... but i'm also excited to get home and EAT STEAK.

yeah you heard me. steak. again. i have two choices: delmonico (whose praises i've sung on here once or twice or 5 million times) or filet mignon. i love both. i think i'm feelin' the filet more, tho, tonight. smaller, richer, more delicate, makes me feel pretty....

okay. one thing i never thought would come out of my mouth. 'filet mignon makes me feel pretty.' wow. i surprise myself every day.

so, that's what's goin' down over at my house tonight. that, and some fine fine Wii-ing(that sounds wrong, somehow), maybe read my book (Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. damn i forgot how depressing her books were. i need to crack out some Charlaine Harris after this doozy.), maybe watch some Kung Fu Panda.

which last night? totally tried to watch but i just don't get it. maybe i'm stupid. i dunno. totally didn't get into that movie and CRAP just remembered, it's due today. sigh. guess what i'll be doing....

....running thru snow to get movies that i didn't like in the first place so i can drive and return them and subsequently have to run thru said snow AGAIN, uphillbothwaysbackwards, all bc i REFUSE(picture me shaking my fist at the sky) refuse refuse to give Family Video any more of my money.

they are late-fee moguls, i tell ya.

and with that i'm off. to... read more blogs hehehehehe. oh i've totally not worked enough today but oh well.

at least i? am havin' me a steak.


Jenn said...

Camping in a SKIRT?! I know - you already admonished yourself for that.

And the teeth pic? I love it. I love your teeth. They are so pretty and straight! And YOU, my friend, are gorgeous!

And once again, I'm jealous that you get steak tonight. Maybe that is what's making you tired? Maybe you should ship all your steak to me.


I like that idea.

Mom said...

Don't ASK how many years it took to pay off the ortho bill.....at least they're pretty.

Lo said...

Jenn- camping in a skirt... is never... EVAR... okay. i learned my lesson that day.

Mom- and funny, i still hate my teeth. ain't that a bitch?

Linda said...

Girl! You’re beautiful! And a kindred camping spirit! I LOVE camping! I'm a serious top notch, in the dark, tent erector! Elph not so much. I'll bet you can fold a map too!

Mama Dawg said...

You're so beautiful! And camping in a skirt? Tres chic!


Midlife Slices said...

Hahah....random and all over the place. Just the kind of posts I love. Beautiful girl with beautiful teeth. Good job Mom!

Ash said...

ok, i've camped in a DRESS so yeah, nothing wrong with that! and air mattress? necessary!!

your blog not only makes me laugh but makes me really hungry for steak..

Lump said...

you are HYSTERICAL girlfriend! and dude, so beautiful! :)

super tweaky mel said...

dude you are so hawt! i didn't see this post for some reason - maybe cause I was sick or something but man you're hilarious, nice, super pretty, and sooo fun!

super tweaky mel said...

oh - and I totally love an air mattress - and the sun dress is what i cizzamp in yo :)