Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wait... me? seriously? shut up! no way!

er... ya sure you've got the right person? hello? ...hi?

Linda over at Fat Cat Crochet .. nominated me... for my first-ever bloggy award!!! me? really? aw, shucks... i really am super duper flattered and blushing and sort of thinkin' me? really? this kid right here? ...nice!!!

so. this award comes w/a seta rules. to keep all you crazies in line! er... maybe just this crazy right here... lil ol me... us blondes have been known to get a little unruly. so, i have to:

List six things that make me happy,
Pass the award on to 6 more Kreativ bloggers,
Link back to the person who gave you the award, (check!)
Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know.

well, k, that seems simple enough. right? if i can crack out a simple html code, i can do anything.

So here goes. Six things that make me happy...

1. my husband. every single day. he is the person i see the most often, so of course... he sees ALL sides to me and still somehow manages to not kill me love me. he makes me the happiest person EV-AR.

2. BOOKS. i love books. i love the smell of books... i love everything ABOUT books. i read constantly. much to the chagrin of my husband, who's not much of a reader. my idea of a perfect evening is a great book and a glass of wine and some comfy sweats. ah, the good life.

3. SHOPPING. i have this need, this urge, to shop. even while at work i online shop. i tend to avoid shopping at 'real life' stores bc i just hate trying things on and i hate going alone, but then also on the flip side feel bad that i'm dragggin' a friend along with me and subjecting them to the horrors of the nordstroms florescent lighting and their xrated mirrors bc i'm sorry? no. i did NOT need to see that part of my body, thankyouverymuch. but shopping? love it. i'm addicted to zappos. and i am always putting things in my cart and making outfits and creating ah-mahzin combinations but.. somehow i just can't bring myself to click check out. sometimes i do. when i splurge. but you know, i get SO much satisfaction out of wasting time shopping on bluefly and zappos and nordstrom(sans dressing room). i find it sooo much fun.

4. gossip blogs. yes, yes, i know, this is tragically 'hip' right now and so i'm titled trendy and annoying... but i just love reading about celebrities. and style. fashion. travel. i can't help it! i know SO much about the celebrity world that my friends don't even bother talking to me about it anymore, bc i know everything. and i'm not tryin to toot my own horn here. i'm just sayin'. i use up waaaaaaay too much brain space for updates on the jolie-pitt street gang and LL's latest lesbianaddiction and fashion flipflop.

5. the beach. or, i should say, the water, bc i just LOVE boating. i. love. boating. i love it! the best summer this year... it was so great. we spent every weekend on our friends smallish(but pricey)speed boat, we'd go all around the lake and just hang out and bbq and i would read and lay out and swim and OH IT WAS AMAZING. take my word on it. seriously. and jet ski's. i had never done this before this summer. I. LOVE. IT. (although the gallons of water shot directly into my face and the water-logged cell phone? not so much.)

6. overnight weekend trips to fun new places, even if just to eat at new restaurants and see a new small town. i love to explore. i love saying on thursday, HEY, let's just... drive here. why not? and then load up the car the next night and take off and see what we find. i'm obsessed with hotels. seriously. i am a hotel snob. i'll admit it. but the best thing ev-ar for me would be to stay overnight in a hotel JUST BECAUSE. bc it is the most delicious goodness yummy feeling ever to do absolutely nothing at all. in luxury.

sooooo the next thing i've gotta do is list the blogs that i think deserve their OWN kreativ blog award. here they are(in no particular order):

Marchelle, over at working mom chronicles, bc she is hilarious, sweet and is an AMAZING photographer. and she cracks me up on twitter daily.

Tweak, who is the sweetest gal i just met and have so bff-ed for life. her compassionate and caring personality is pretty mind-blowing!

KD over atA Bit Squirelly bc really? does she even NEED an intro? girl is so hilarious i spit my water out across my desk the other day. yeah. i love that woman.

The McMommy Chronicles, bc she's a real mom who's got a crazy sense of humor and some of her posts are just off the wall enough to make me snort and giggle. or shall i call her, Mrs. Lance Armstrong?

T5M, whose real name i do not know bc like most moms(and for good reason)she keeps their REAL names secret. but she is seriously a great woman. she is compassionate, loving, funny, sarcastic and i just love to read her blog bc it makes me all warm and fuzzy and happy inside.

Kate, atShe's Lump, who i know just got this same award yesterday but really?? i'm sorry. i had to throw her in here. bc girl is freakin' funny. (stress on the freak part.) (i kid! i kid!)

so. these are some of the blogs i stalkfrequent daily. i tried to mix it up a little bit, to get kreativ har har, and give a good spattering of a wide range. some women are more frank than others, some are more whimsy, but ALL are funny and amusing and entertaining and i just adore them all.

but most of all? thanks, yo!


Lump said...

awww you are a ROCK STAR!! thanks beautiful lady! and I'm all about shopping. I seriuosly have withdrawals if I don't go shopping for, um like, three days. haha!

and you know I love your blog. :)

Linda said...

Yes you! You silly Goose, HELLO! You're a riot! I just know you talk just like you write. My question is, when do you breathe? Ha-ha!

Oh and my celeb collage -Annette Benning and the rest were all guys! And not hot ones either. yea. bwahahahaha!

Have a good night, Girl! L

T5M said...

Awwww Lo! Thanks for the nomination, it means so much to me! mom was starting to get lonely in the t5m fan club until you popped on the scene with your Faith Hill hair and slap-happy comments!

Thanks a bazillion million!

McMommy said...

OMG!! I'm so excited!! Thank you so so much for this! And as an added bonus, you just made my butt feel so much better. heh heh heh

(Ok other commenters, that was NOT mean. You had to read my bike post to get that. :)

Brandy said...


Anonymous said...

AWWWW Thank you!!!! Oh and I just keep waiting for the day that your blog takes off and you still take pity on me and give me awards and comments...cause I will be int he corner with my Dyson, rocking...

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

OMG - I sooo have a problem with Gossip Blogs too!!! I love all the pics!!!

I really love your list. I think we must have been friends in Heaven or something - we have a ton in common!!!

Oh - and thanks for nominating me. I am soooo excited!!!

You're so my newest BFF - not even kidding!!! (my hubby is so not a reader either - he thinks I'm nuts!)