Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so, there's something goin' on right now called Soles for Souls. they're trying to raise 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days for people in underpriviledged countries. this is a good thing, folks. a very good thing. you can donate 2 pairs for only $5!!! think about it.

no, really. think. what do YOU do with $5?

coffee, lottery tickets, two packs of gum, a little ceasars pizza, 5 packs of tiny plastic aminals from the target $1 spot, a bottle of shampoo from the grocery store, ... i could keep going. nail polish. self tanner. lotion. that box of 'designer' cereal when you could've bought generic.

and all of the things i just listed... do you REALLY need? i mean, are you in dire need of any one of these items just so you can survive your day? no? i didn't think so. these people? these children? these fellow humans living in conditions we can only wish we'll never have to..

these people need $5. i just donated $25. that's 10 pairs of shoes!!!! TEN PAIRS!!! think about that for a second. how many pairs of shoes can YOU get for $25? yeah, i thought so. maybe flip flops from target. that's about it. right now the shoes i'm wearing were $45, and they were from an outlet store.

$45 dollars could probably get shoes for almost 35 people in third world countries. yeah. my nine wests aren't looking like such a great investment anymore.

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i'm not trying to con anyone into doing this. guilt you. MAKE you. pressure you.

i'm simply asking you. please. help someone today. maybe someone will help you, later on when you need it, too.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

I have seen you on my bloggy blogs. This is very good of you to post. Excellent cause! You are cute as a bug!

Mom said...

I'm first, now that you know I read your blog. Donated 20 pairs, I'll pass it on at work.

Reverb said...

Rock on. Something seems to be causing a discontent inside of you and once it starts, it may never stop. Keep going with it.

This is a good that is not okay with the things that are not okay. Discontent with injustice.

Bless you.

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

you are great!

I'll pass this info along at work!