Saturday, November 15, 2008

i swear, i'm a vampire. no. really. seriously. swear!!


i swear, i must be a card-carrying member of the living dead or something. or. something not as scary. but still awake only at night. a teenager again?

seriously? so it's like 3.38pm right now. and guess what i've done all day.


no, really! i just woke up. i propelled myself out of bed in hopes of reading something that would jolt me into, i dunno, consciousness. then i figured i should post just so i don't forget to do so for the day and then i was all, whattamahgonnapostaboutohcrap and now, we're caught up to speed.

im very, very tired. very sleepy. why? no idea. it's the color of gunmetal right now outside. everything is seriously? in one shade. it is so ultimately dismal and depressing, each time that i've rolled over and tried to get up?

i've rolled right back around and gone to sleep again.

i have the sneeking suspicion i'm going to be extremely hyper and awake by the time 6pm rolls around. we're supposed to do bbq-ing at a friends house and seriously? doooooode. it's like... 20 degrees outside.

i keep tryin' to figure out what to wear. er... a fleece jumpsuit? it is. THAT. cold.

i can't think of anything even remotely cute. probably pointy black boots and a graphic black t shirt and crap what jacket o well i'm probably going to freeze my ass off tonight but eh. who cares. might as well look good right??

i'm gonna have to hunt for my good black sweater. then it's black coat, black boots and black sweater and cute a/x hat and black eyeliner and hopefully?

i'll wake up. since i'm a vampire and all. vamps wear black, right?

oh, and i love rare steak. hm. this might be a problem come monday.

oh well. ce la vie. where's my steak??


midlife Slices said...

Just hope your bbqing friends don't use garlic or you're in deep trouble!!!

I'm a night owl too. I could sleep all day and stay up all night and be happy as a clam.

How does anyone know clams are really happy, anyway??

Smart Mouth Broad said...

It's too late but I would have advised for warm over cute. Hope you had a great time. But seriously? Some had a bbq in 20 degree weather?

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

you prob need a bit of extra sleep after your bouts with sickness. Your immune system needs to rest up

PLUS! You could be a super hot vampire. I kinda don't know either? I mean, you do love your steak and all.

Let us know how it went @ the bbq - I wanna see this a/x hat and ur black eyeliner - post pics! :)

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Maybe you're preggers. I wish I was asleep RIGHT NOW and I wish I didn't have to wake up until 3:38 pm.

Mama Dawg said...

I had steak last night. It was yummmmmmmmy.

Lump said...

sometimes we need to just sleep. :) I wish I could sleep that late! and mmmm I love my steak rare too!

Ash said...

you can twitter stalk me all you want since you say "dude" as much as i do, like to wear black and prefer rare steak.
so now i will be blog stalking you!

and who bbq's in the winter?! dude, it's COLD!

T5M said...

I needed a sleep day last week, then someone said that I probably have "SAD". SAD is when the change of seasons makes you all sleepy and depressed. I don't think I have SAD and I don't think you do - you're far too slap happy for SAD. You're like the cure for SAD.