Tuesday, November 25, 2008

random pictures, JUST CUZ.

sooooo just bc i got a brand spanking new phone AND it has a camera AND it uploads immediately online... can you tell i'm super impressed yet?????....i took random weird pictures. cuz that's how i roll. so the above is what my sunday consisted of. the two of us. tired. pooped. after a trip to the mall to buy me a phone. notice the bag on the floor to the left? yeah. that's where my phone guts are. you know. the memory card and charger and.. and... junk that i got. and yeah. that little loveseat? that is totally MY couch. and that guy right there? the couch potato? that's my husband. Vlad. strikin' a pose while watchin' tv. and yeah. see the wii remotes all over the coffee table?

yeah. so he's totally addicted. but was too tired to play. man, outlet malls can SO wear a guy out!

so anyway. the next one? yeah. this is what happens when my husband falls asleep and we're stayin' in a hotel and i'm too much of a weirdo to go up to the snack concierge lounge and get mah own snacks BY MAHSELF. cuz dude. you totally need a buddy for stuffin' yer pockets w/cheese cubes and jalapeno poppers. just sayin'.

so yeah. the photo is dark. but that's weirdo me, takin' pictures of myself in the desk mirror, JUST CUZ. cuz i CAN, yo.

and the next few? yeah. bc of T5M, i decided to do a charity thang this year. so i gave money for the Soles for Souls, and that was fulfilling. but then i thought, gee.... instead of buying yet another meaningless paperback when i could go to library FOR FREE, hows about i give... to other people?

what a concept, right???? so i decided to do this:

yeah. that's right. i went to target. i went to the dollar spot. i bought cool tupperware thingies and i filled them with all sorts of fun stuff for two girls and one boy. like stuffed animals, gum, sweets, slinkies... all the great necessities of life, my friends.

it's called Operation Christmas Child.

and for whatever reason, only the 'boy' box photo saved to my online account. so yeah. that's toothpaste. and crayons. and... and... stuff. that will be sent overseas to kids living in poverty, so that they can have minty fresh breath and slinky jr. fun and a bear to sleep with at night.
but most of all to know that someone out there cares. cuz i do. anyway. i just wanted ya'll to see, and maybe.... maybe.... just maybe...... you guys could give a little bit this season, too.
i'm looking into what else i can do. bc ya know what???? this feels good. better-than-a-glass-of-wine-in-a-hotel-room-w/-cheese-cubes good. surrrrrrrrreously. try it. do it. DO IT. do it. doooo it.

makes you feel very, very humble and very, so very very very... thankful.


super tweaky mel said...

that is so sweet! you really do wonderful things. I think I will get involved with Operation Christmas Child. Thanks for the link!

Your pics are really cute! Look at you in the mirror:) I love your coffee table and just so you know - I think we have possibly the same couches - and a very similar rug! Husband picked out some Persian that I love and it looks a lot like yours!

Where did you get your coffee table? I NEED A NEW ONE!

Jenn said...

Dude, so my hubby informed me that he purchased a Wii for me for Christmas. It's hidden somewhere. I want to get it out and play it at 3:00 in the morning without him knowing, lol!

Lump said...

yay for new phones!! and you're too sweet for participating in Operation Christmas Child. you go lady!

Mama Dawg said...

I do the Operation Christmas Child every year. I donated 46 boxes this year to two separate churches (cause they pay the shipping for me). I collect stuff and shoe boxes all year long just for this project.

Good for you for doing this.

Linda said...

First let me say that after seeing the pics of your place earlier this week and seeing your living room today...I stop hating you. The first pics were too neat! I'm glad to know thatour places look the same. And Second - we have the.SAME.sofa! Shiney!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

this post was inpiring. i'm fixing to do something special in the way of giving. i'll be blogging all about it soon.

Amy said...

I really like what you did for the kids, that's a great idea. Oh, and I am right there with you about stuffing pockets full of naughty goodies from a vending machine.

kels said...

hey! just found your blog... love it. and I love Operation Christmas Child. such a great organization. :)

Ash said...

alright you've one upped me. I was all proud of myself for donating an extra dollar each trip to Dollar Tree for needy kids BUT YOU..you go and fill BOXES. thanks for making me expect more from myself..stinker.

i'm thinking about buying a wii for the boys, but i reallllllly like having my flat screen to myself..decisions, decisions..

Linda said...

I'm looking into the Operation Christmas CHild. I like to dontate locally so I'm also looking at the soup kitchen to see what they need.

Midlife Slices said...

I'm taking ST and the grands to pick names off the Angel Tree locally. We'll buy their entire Christmas and I'm so excited. HBL and I don't buy each other stuff for Christmas because we'd rather spend the money on others. I'm not very good at receiving, anyway.

Good job, girlfriend!!