Saturday, November 8, 2008

hello, lover.

this is my city. this is chicago. home of the thin curst pizza. the loud southsiders and their white soxs. the greektown. the wrigley. the john barleycorn. the.. the.... sears tower, john hancock, michigan avenue and navy pier and, and, well, OPRAH and ... i think that's all i got. i took these photos when we were flying back from sarasota (and if you do not know what sarasota is, you are missing out, my friend, bc it is the BEST place to be. gulf of mexico, in florida, lovely little town, oh i heart it so much.) and this is the view i had from my window on the plane. nice, right? thank goodness i had my camera. i think these aren't bad shots. pretty cool to me, actually, to see my city laid out.

who is this sexy guy? 'wild and ca-razy guys?' sorry. had to throw that in there. that's vlad. vladimir. my husband. i love him. this is in palm beach, florida. and no. it was not really a nice beach. but we made the most of it. and then he was all, dude! take pictures of me! so i did. and he modeled. and yeah. we were the only people on this beach and after an hour of reading/sunbathing/trying to swim but the water was too dirty, yeah, we got bored.

this is a picture of me laughing. now, when i comment on your blog and i say, "bwahhahahahahahaha"? this is what i look like.

and this? this is what happens when my friends dress themselves. 'nuff said.

so i came online to read all my bloggies, and thought, hey, i should really make a post. bc i'm tryin' to be good at this. trying to make myself post and have them be GOOD. not just 'ooo looky text.' so. i thought, what do i want to talk about? well. easy cheese, my friends, easy cheese. but i thought, you know, let's do pictures first. bc who doesn't LOVE pictures? i mean, if you guys are even HALF as curious as i am i'm sure you want to know what goes on in my life. i mean. uhm. i hope so. i mean. well. you're still reading, right? hello? Bueller?

so how cute is the photo above?? that's one of my bestest friends, walking with his son. his son was a little over a year when i took this at their house. in fact, i was at this very same house tonight. watchin' iron chef. which, btw, is SO interesting. it was all about ham tonight. mm. ham. anyway.
so here is a picture of my latest obsession:

oh, i heart you cheese-in-a-can, i heart you so hard.

yeah. today has been an easy cheese day. and no. my day was NOT easy. far from. but, i ate a lot of easy cheese. and burgers. and onion strings. and. and. russian food. ugh. ew. remind me, when i see something, to not assume it's probably liver. bc my dear friends, even tho eating liver still grosses me out to next year, it is SOOOOOO much better then learning that your dear wonderful husband has just put a piece of TONGUE ON HIS PLATE.

i told him straight up, dude, you eat that? i'm out, yo. no kisses for a month.
he didn't eat it.

and yeah. tongue? looks really gross. but i did have some good salad, spinach with TONNNNS of garlic and kidney beans and slices of apples. really good. and, uhm, that is all i ate. bc i? do not do russian food. no sirreee bob. i will not eat: tongue, liver, ham and peas coated in mayo, some weird bread with drunk apples in it, black bread(in my world? bread is french. or sourdough.), catfish with the eyes still in it, for that matter eyes, caviar, pickled tomatoes, legs of lamb COATED in dill, (for some reason, russians love their dill. don't get that one.) raw fish that is sliced up so you can see all the nastiness, shrimp that doesn't really taste like shrimp, mushroom puffs that i REALLY shouldn't have tasted, and last but not least let's bring it around again, TONGUE. bc really? who eats TONGUE? when there are STEAKS out there to be eaten? why? oh the humanity why???

anyway. uhm. excuse my rant. so after this russian dinner, where no one was speaking english and i was stuck in moscow for two hours and had stupidly left my cell phone at home bc i was so exhausted you'd swear i was pregnant(but am not), i drove us over to our friends house. they're the only other married couple we're friends with. i love them so much. they're both so hilarious and so down to earth. and their son? fuggheettaboudddet. he is absolute perfection. cutest kid. ev-ar. so we hung out watched iron chef, i promptly got too comfortable and was all dude. do i really have to go out in the cold? again? for the love of all that is creamy and delicious. seriously?

so i drove us home. and then when i got home, of COURSE (thank you insomnia) i was weirdly awake. so i came online, and then i thought whoa, i'm totally not tired, so with husband passed out on the couch i wandered around, found nothing to do, and settled back down here. home base. where i said, why not post? why not? and while it may technically be tomorrow it's still today, saturday, to me. i'm tired. but i'm not sleepy.

ya'll feel me? two totally different frames of mind.

so i think i'm gonna end this now. i think i'm gonna maybe read a little bit and then go to bed. and while i wish i could squirt easy cheese in my mouth , i think i'll skip that, bc easy cheese ain't so easy on the thigh area if you get what i'm sayin'. which i'm sure you do.

oh, and my mom? totally didn't get lenses today. but we DID discover that walmart bites. they don't take insurance. seriously? walmart? psssh-shaw.

night, ya'll!


T5M said...

I thought Chicago was the home of THICK crust pizza? Who knew?! I've never been - great pics of the city line...

...also my husband was raised buddhist as well. :-)

Kimberly said...


You absolutely... totally, completely


I hope you were able to get to sleep.

OH, and the russian food.... some of that sounded ok to me. I love raw fish! I don't know if I'd like how they prepare everything though.

AND... I have an obsession with a good steak muhself dontcha know...

Happy Sunday!

Melissa Ellen Hughes Parker said...


You crack me up! I am very curious about your life so I'm glad you shared pics and such!

Vlad's food I wouldn't eat it either! Glad you had fun with friends - I love hanging out with our friends (and when they have cute little babies - its the best!)

I love your blog so keep on posting!!!!

Linda said...

Lo, I am a food adveturer. I will try anything! That said I usually don't want to know what it it before I put it in my mouth. If I had known I was eating Bambi's dad I probably would never have tried venison. Just sayin'.
OK Now I'm hearing my Mom in my head "Try it! You'll like it!" But I think she was talking about brussell sprouts. (I STILL can't choke those down!)

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

I love all the pics. The one of your husband on the beach, yeah, you were like 30 minutes from my house. Cool huh? Agree or I will be devastated!! LOL

Great post as usual.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I love your energy and how your thoughts are all over the place (like mine) and I also thought Chicago pizza was thick crust.

Brandy said...

Hahaha you are just as random as me. I love it!

Midlife Slices said...

Reading your posts always makes me smile because I can picture you saying every word of that. You're like a little butterfly just fluttering all over the place. :)

Russian food is maybe one of the only foods I've really never eaten. I'm not sure I want to try it now, for sure.

Mama Dawg said...

You were so all over the place with that one but it was great!

I've never tried Russian food but to be honest, some of it sounds good. But, that's just me.

Thanks for spilling 2 of your secrets to me. It did make me feel better.

Maybe one day, I can post mine. Sigh......

Jenn said...

I could NOT do Russian food. At all. It just wouldn't happen. :(

Marchelle said...

squirt cheese = the shiz

love me some squirt cheese. plain ol cheddar, not that nacho stuff.